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As this was pretty much of a short summer meeting, not too much business was discussed. However, there was follow-up conversation concerning the purchase of American flags that were placed along the highway from 1289 to the Community Center: Members of the Club thought that the flags should be flying for Independence Day, the 4th, and also during that weekend. It was mentioned that perhaps a good place for the location of these flags would be at the Front Beach at the entrance to the pier and also at the end of the pier. They would be wonderfully displayed there for the Fireworks Display on Saturday evening, the 7th of July.

The membership voted once again to make a donation to the Volunteer Fire Department for their annual fund raising on Saturday, July 7th. As the Fire Department will be serving barbecue meat plates with many extras to raise money for their out-of-date equipment, Club members voted to send an appropriate amount for a donation. The Fire Department here in POC has been in operation since 1952 on strictly a volunteer basis. Monies must be raised throughout the community to purchase and update their equipment as the County cannot supply enough money for that purpose. The BBQ Dinner With Plates To Go begins at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, July 7th, and if you wish to get your dinner, plan to be there early.

Although this is June and our next Garage Sale is not scheduled until October, many mothers have found that the school clothes their kids were wearing have become a little too small, and also have discovered that these kids have not stopped growing. Therefore, as these moms are cleaning out closets and drawers, please remember that we are continually taking donations for our Fall Garage Sale. Please contact either Lydia Strakos, the Chairman of the Garage Sale, at 983-2003 home or cell 920-5088, or Debbie Busby at 512 914-9521 to arrange for storage. We welcome all usable donations of clothes, furniture, kitchen equipment (i.e., pots & pans too), bedding, pictures, etc. Believe it or not, October is coming faster than you think.

Many residents of POC must be aware by now that the Service Club is writing a book on our history with pages for each family that lent to that history in many ways. I was very much thrilled to learn that a friend’s grandfather had been here back in the era of 1919 and was one of the major factors in building homes at that time. What we are searching for is the opportunity to speak with a descendent of a family here during the early growth of POC. We are looking for information and a picture if possible (very important) of their family members from the early period until the advent of Carla in 1961. If you have that information and desire to be a part of the book, please contact either Janet Johnson, President, 983-4737 or Sue Kubecka, Chairman, 361 798-0560 to arrange for the time of an interview. We really desire to speak with you and learn of your part in our history.

President, Janet Johnson reminded each member that the continuation of one meeting a month will be until September when election of officers will be on the agenda. Therefore, the next meeting will be July 5th at 10:00 a.m. in the Meeting Room of the Community Center.

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