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Many of you who read this little column on things historical here in Calhoun County most likely are also familiar with the Bible. In that case you would know of the Biblical chapter and be familiar with the Book Ecclesiastes. I would guess that the most well known chapter would be chapter three. It begins: […]

O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum, that’s a Christmas song most of us know about, even those who are not too good at singing Carols. If you get a translation of the phrase Tannenbaum it is most likely Christmas tree. More literally it is Fir tree. We who celebrate the arrival of the Germans among others at […]

We have been reminded of the ongoing space exploration recently when Neil Armstrong died. Some readers might wonder what an Astronaut from Ohio has to do with Calhoun County history. Well, here is the story: Only some of us can remember or even know that we once had a pretty intimate involvement with space. The […]

This seems to be the time to talk Spanish. In my case that would definitely have to be “un poco Espanol” or whatever is the correct spelling. The Calhoun County Museum has a fine Tejano exhibition for the next few months. The State of Texas has recently dedicated a Tejano statue type exhibit in Austin. […]

We just finished celebrating the Fourth of July. Never mind that it was on Wednesday and that many of the big boom celebrations were on Saturday the 7th. In fact that sort of thing happens about every six years. The leap year causes the day of the week to skip one or it would be […]

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