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Greetings, faithful readers (assuming there are any). As summer has begun, we have had busy, fun-filled weekends in Port O’Connor. El Hyena of course appreciates that busy weekends are a good thing for the fishing related businesses, stores, restaurants, motels, etc. in POC, and he is very happy for them. The fact that it might […]

On Catching It is with great pride and joy that El Hyena wishes to announce that he finally caught his first trout of 2014 on Saturday, April 26. As pitiful as that may sound to some, El Hyena thinks this was a very big deal, as he was beginning to wonder if success would ever […]

On Fishing El Hyena has decided to write about fishing, which is a happier subject matter than previous topics. El Hyena loves to fish, and spends as much time as he can (within reason) fishing. El Hyena also knows that fishing is cheaper than a psychiatrist. This sometimes results in a contradiction, however. El Hyena […]

Part XII: The Elections Are Coming! Run For Your Lives! What follows is a non-partisan analysis. The two major American political parties will be referred to as “one party” and “the other party”. The candidates, or likely candidates, will be referred to as “this candidate”, “that candidate”, and “yet another candidate”. As we all know, […]

Part XI: Hunting and Fishing As they say, time marches on. The year is now 2014. Quoted from the renowned philosopher Stimpy, “Happy, happy, joy, joy”. El Hyena greets the New Year with mixed emotions: the good news is El Hyena is still amongst the living, while the bad news is El Hyena will soon […]

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