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Hometown Point Of View by Kelly Gee…

Posted by Joyce Rhyne on 16 Mar 17 - 0 Comments

STEM Activities and so much more at the POC Library Recently more than 18 POC students and many of their parents spent Saturday morning at the POC Library building skyscrapers, moving machines and others structures from Legos©. Ordinary toys that just felt like play for the preschoolers to middle schoolers that enjoyed the morning’s activities, […]

Hometown Point of View, by Kelly Gee…

Posted by Joyce Rhyne on 19 Jan 17 - 0 Comments

One POC Page in the Book of Texas History Did you know that the lighthouse on Matagorda Island was unmanned or decommissioned just before 1956? The last lighthouse keepers were Arthur and Ruth Barr. They had lived for years caring for the lighthouse. Arthur Barr was a fourth-generation lighthouse keeper. He married the lighthouse keepers’ […]

Did you ever wonder about the children on the Angel Tree? What happens to the toys brought in by the Toy Runners? How do gifts get to the children? Well, here is the true story of one family and what the Angel Tree Christmas meant to them. A local family whose parents both grew up […]

Our Port O’ Connor School is something to be proud of. One of the reasons is our teaching staff. Teachers are still really important to 1st graders. Their students think they are wonderful and special and know everything. Our POC 1st graders have a really good one…Mrs. Judy Anderson, First Grade Teacher Extraordinaire. Mrs. Anderson, […]

Hometown Point Of View, by Kelly Gee…

Posted by Joyce Rhyne on 18 Aug 16 - 0 Comments

A New Kind of Fish Art For those of us who live on the Texas Coast, big beautiful fish being caught is a regular experience. Still, most of us have never caught a huge blue marlin or a tournament winning trout. At this year’s Lonestar Shootout Tournament, a special artist made some special art that […]

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