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Did you hear about the 23 soldiers who died in the waters of Matagorda? It is true. In March, 1864 troops camped at DeCrow’s Point sailed to Indianola, marched to Bynio’s Point, crossed what they called a ‘stream’ at Saluria Bayou (also known as McHenry’s) and then built a wooden ferry platform type floating bridge […]

Hometown Point of View by Kelly Gee…

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Are You Fishing For Some Christmas Joy? Christmas is a lot like fishing. No, really, it is! If you love to fish, you have to make time to go fishing. You have to take a break from work, and worries and all the things that demand your time and attention to actually go fishing. It’s […]

Hometown Point Of View by Kelly Gee…

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Head, Hearts, Hands and Health …4H Is Still Here Did you know that 4H is alive and well in our community and throughout the world? If young people are our future, and there are more than one billion youth between 12 and 24 years old; then 4H is actively working to make our future brighter. […]

Community Connection The POC Community Service Club Garage Sale was a stunning success! On October 10th from 8 am until 2 pm we sold every kind of knickknack, clothing, shoes, boating and fishing equipment, household goods, décor, books, DVDs and other items for bargain prices to raise money for our scholarship fund and other community […]

It was a very special day in Port O’Connor, and we were bursting at the seams with guests and locals alike. Fireworks, firemen’s barbeque, fishing and fun were all in the mix. Americans celebrate the birth of their independent nation in a big way. Still we should never lose sight of the cost of that […]

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