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Sea Monster Near Seadrift? by Jasmine Gordon

Posted by Joyce Rhyne on 15 Oct 14 - 0 Comments

There I was at the library in Victoria working on a particular project; things weren’t going well and my frustration was beginning to get the best of me. At moments like these stepping away from the project is usually the best answer. Ten minutes later I found myself exploring the O’Connor Room. This room holds […]

Keeping Record by Jasmine Gordon

Posted by Joyce Rhyne on 20 Feb 14 - 0 Comments

I sat there, bewildered, unsure of where to start. I dislike the feeling; it quickly frustrates me. One thing I was certain of; it would be an interesting afternoon. I had just lugged Calhoun County General Index of Deeds No. 3 to a table at the County Clerk’s office. The book weighed fifty pounds, easily, […]

Remembering Roemerville by Jasmine Gordon

Posted by Joyce Rhyne on 19 Dec 13 - 0 Comments

  As I followed Dorothy’s directions down the winding road I was eager to see her again. It seemed like yesterday since I’d met her at the library in Seadrift to talk about one of Seadrift’s first publications, Seadrift Success. In actuality, it had been about two years! Following last month’s article where I inquired […]

Discovering Seadrift, by Jasmine Gordon…

Posted by Joyce Rhyne on 14 Nov 13 - 0 Comments

One Roemer Closer Throughout my journey to discover more about Seadrift, often times Long Mott comes up in conversation as well as Roemerville. However my search for information of the latter often leads to a dead end. This time, I found a family tie which was able to get me one step farther to learning […]

Get Your Fishing Poles Ready

Posted by Joyce Rhyne on 21 Sep 13 - 1 Comment

Discovering Seadrift by Jasmine Gordon The sun was in full force and the mosquitoes on duty as I headed south on 238. I arrived in Seadrift, turned right on 9th Street and headed towards Bay Avenue. I was excited to see the new pier which recently opened. The pier stands at 300 feet plus a […]

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