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Free Hot Dogs, Drinks and the Art Poster Contest On Tuesday, October 1st, businesses and residents of Port O’Connor are being invited to join forces with thousands of communities throughout the Great State of Texas for Port O’Connor’s Night Out Against Crime. Port O’Connor’s Night Out Against Crime is being sponsored by the portoconnorwatch.com and […]

Feed the Hummingbirds

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If you are among those who enjoy feeding hummingbirds but think the time for that has past, you need to know that the little guys are around again, and would appreciate some nourishment as they prepare for their southern migration.  Each hummingbird stays until it has enough fat reserves to continue its migration south. Depending […]

Featured Pets

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Come see Shaggy, Rascal, Kit, and all the other animals at the Port Lavaca Animal Shelter, 201 Stringham Drive (across from the rodeo arena), Monday through Saturday, 10 to 2, or call the Calhoun County Humane Society, 553-8916. You can also view him and other animals ready for adoption on line at www.calhouncountyhumanesociety.org Thanks and […]

Reflections by Phil Ellenberger

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What time is it? That is a question we often ask or are often asked. The more perplexing question is different. What is time?. That is, as they say, the 64 dollar question. If we have a watch or clock we all know what time it is. However, the second question still doesn’t have a […]

Celebrate San Antonio Bay Day

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