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It isn’t the coffee although it’s really good coffee made fresh all morning. It isn’t the food even though you can’t beat the breakfast and the special order options that come with it. Even so, sometime between 6 and 8 am an amazing group of guys meets at the MiniMart in Port O Connor. Sometimes […]

Flip Flop Festival proceeds to help fund the Port Lavaca Bayfront Veteran’s Memorial The 6th Annual Flip Flop Festival in Port Lavaca, TX, will be benefiting the Bayfront Veteran’s Memorial. Bayfront Peninsula. The purpose of the memorial is to recognize military veterans past, present and future. This memorial will be a 6-point star measuring 36’ […]

Chihuahua Trail Marker Dedicated at Indianola

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Pictured above is Victoria Scism (second from left) and some of the Chihuahua Trail/Road crew, including Nelson Marek of Port Lavaca (third from left), who have surveyed the Chihuahua Trail across Texas. Also pictured are Russel and Patti Knowell (at right of marker), ranchers from Kinney County, where the trail crosses near Fort Clark. Ms. […]

Small Girl, Big Power by Kelly Gee

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Marissa Martinez stands only 5’1” and weighs 123 lbs. but she has some serious power in her little body. Marissa lifted a total of 835 pounds in multiple rounds at the state power lifting meet to win 1st place. This 18 year old senior at Calhoun High has received numerous awards and honors both academic […]

Friends of the Port O’Connor Library Annual Report

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End of the year already? Yes, July 1 starts a new year for the “ Friends of Port O’Connor Library, Inc. The past 12 months have been extremely busy! As in any big successful project, creating a firm foundation and taking care of the basics was very important, so we set out to re-write our […]

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