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Doyle Adams presents the Citizen of the Year award to Judge Nancy Pomykal at the February 14 Sweetheart Banquet.

“For your total commitment, hard work, initiative, enthusiasm and dedication to the people of Port O’Connor…” began the inscription on the plaque presented to Judge Nancy Pomykal. The Citizen of the Year Award is presented each year by Port O’Connor’s First Baptist Church at their annual Sweetheart Banquet, and Judge Pomykal has been called upon to present several of these awards over the years. So she was quite surprised to discover that this year she was not the presenter, but the recipient.

Nancy Pomykal received this honor, not only for her 23 years as Justice of the Peace, but for overall commitment to and participation in her community.

Born in Texarkana, Texas, Nancy’s family relocated to Port O’Connor in 1959. Before serving Calhoun County, she was employed as a new account representative in banking and was manager of a restaurant. As small business owner, she shares a bay- boat and outboard motor sales and service company with her husband, Forrest.

Nancy Pomykal left Calhoun County in 1967, to return in 1981. She attended Calhoun High School and graduated from Fort Lauderdale High School. She studied business at Broward College in Florida.

“I love my community. When I returned in 1981, I was welcomed back as a ‘home-town girl’. When I was approached to run for Justice of the Peace in 1990, I was honored and flattered to be considered a local,” she said. Through the years, the community has given a lot to my family and me. I wanted to give something back by serving the community and to make a difference.”

The judge is a homemaker and a mother of two grown children. As a young mother, she served as president of the PTA where her children attended school. She has been a hospital volunteer and has worked with the elderly. She has served her community in past years with several organizations, but has found in the past few years, the job of J.P. has kept her extremely busy which doesn’t allow her time to serve on as many committees as in the past.

As an elected justice of the peace, the judge has attended hundreds of class room hours of judicial training and study. She taught new court clerks for the Texas Justice Court Training Center for 3.5 years. She is a member of the Texas Justice of the Peace and Constable’s Assoc. To enhance her knowledge of law enforcement and the judicial system, Ms. Pomykal studied criminal justice at Victoria College.

Being concerned for minors and underage drinking, Judge Pomykal was instrumental in Texas adopting a law to enhance the penalties for making alcohol available to minors from a class C misdemeanor to a class B misdemeanor. Concerned with juvenile crime, the judge served on the original advisory board to bring the first juvenile justice “boot camp” to Calhoun County.

Recently appointed to complete the unexpired term of Justice Court Pct. 4, Judge Pomykal is confident she and court clerk Betty Morgenroth will keep the office running smoothly until the next election is held for that position. She will be dividing her time between both offices, with the majority of her time being spent in Port O’Connor. “I will conduct the business of the Seadrift office on a part time basis. Of course, in case of emergencies in either precinct, the Sheriff’s Department will dispatch me immediately,” Judge Pomykal said.

In addition to helping her husband with their marine business, Judge Pomykal has many responsibilities of the J.P. office, some of which are: all class C misdemeanors – local and state; Juvenile cases, school attendance hearings; Inquest on dead bodies (approx. 160 since taking office); Weddings (approx. 500 since taking office); Small claims and civil justice court, jurisdiction $10,000.00; Evictions; State Magistrate, all violations from class C to capitol felony; Emergency Protective Orders for victims of family violence; Notary Ex-Officio; Work with County Sheriff’s department, Texas Parks and Wildlife, Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission, County nuisance officer, DPS intelligence, and Texas Rangers, and U.S. Coast Guard.

Judge Pomykal elaborated, “Often times, a rural J.P. acts as a counselor for the community. Constituents approach the judge with their problems, and most times just need someone to talk to. We cannot give legal advice, but I can point them in the right direction. We must be fair, unbiased, and willing and ready to help in any situation, and to be there for the community.”

“I was totally surprised and humbled when I was chosen to receive this year’s Citizen of the Year Award. It was such an honor and totally unexpected,” Nancy said. “I have helped Mr. Adams present the award to others a couple of times. So when he ask me to help present this year’s award, you can imagine how pleasantly surprised and overwhelmed I was when I learned I was the recipient. For once in my life, I was speechless. I feel like there are others in the community more deserving than me. I want to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to First Baptist Church, Doyle Adams and the community. Your wonderful award has helped confirm that all the hard work and diligence has not gone unnoticed. I will continue to serve my community to the best of my ability . I feel very blessed.”

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