Shrimpfest Contest Winners

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There was something for everyone at the annual Seadrift Shrimpfest - music, contests, and good food.

KARAOKE: Youth – lst Place – Chloe White
2nd Place – Amber Rodriguez
Adult – lst Place – Michelle Olsovsky
2nd Place – Shannon McNutt


Age 70 + Male lst Reese Stalcup 41:46
Female lst Muriel Costello 43:00
2nd Reese Vaughn 51:19

60-69 Male None
Female 1st Shirley Harkey 32.24
2nd Alice Stalcup 47:20
3rd Joanne Mueller 50:19

50-59 Male 1st Javier Martinez 27:45
Female 1st Karen Harvey 65:00

40-49 Male 1st Nacho Trevino 21:12
2nd Jason Manygoats 25:16
3rd Troy Stalcup 35:47
Female 1st Monica Morales 33.23
2nd Sabrena S. Harris 35:29
3rd Linda Ybarbo 42:26

30-39 Male 1st John Claunch 24:06
2nd William Reagan 31:41
3rd Joey Caruso 40:19
Female 1st Klara White 35:31
2nd Adriene Vavra 41:05
3rd Mandy Stalcup 41:16

20-29 Male 1st Andy Brown 23:00
2nd Kellen Hood 26:13
3rd Marcos Garcia 27:15
Female 1st Laura Hood 26:13
Female 2nd Jessica Ward 30:27

15-19 Male 1st Daniel Resendez 20:17
2nd Quentin Alkek 20:32
3rd Xavier Resendez 20:53
Female 1st Shanna Stalcup 65:00

10-14 Male 1st Benny Stalcup 39:28
2nd Kammeron Caruso 54:26
Female 1st McKayla Cortez 24:03
2nd Cailyn Padilla 31:11

9 and Under Male 1st Wheeler Caruso 42:22
Female None


Age 2-5 Biggest Fish Saige Carter
Smallest Fish Cash Shirhall

Age 6-9 Biggest Fish Layton Davenport
Smallest Fish Scott Esch

Age 10-12 Biggest Fish (Tie) – Jayden Davis
Matthew Morgan

Smallest Fish Nathan Edwards

Hard Luck Fisherman: John Jacobs

Special thanks to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department for sending Officer Mike Hoffman to assist in the tournament and to Chunky Monkey and Ben Nyugen for providing the bait.


1ST Missy Chatham & Rhonda Braun
2nd Chris Cady & Benny Vasquez
3rd Walter Loose & Kyle Loose


1ST Benny Plumme & Ronnie Gooden
2nd Diana & Michelle Rippee
3rd Tristan Henderson & Kolten Braun


Shrimpfest Pageant Winners

Pretty Baby Girl
Braylee Wooldridge
1st Runner Up- Aaliyan Padierna
2nd Runner Up- Annabel Longoria
Photogenic – Braylee Wooldridge

Pretty Baby Boy
Cole Sparks
1st Runner Up- Leray Austin
Photogenic- Cole Sparks

Beach Baby
Ryan Gohlke
1st Runner Up- Alie Villarreal
2nd Runner Up- Victoria Rodriguez
Photogenic- Madisyn Cossey

Beach Boy
Gavin Josiah Gonzalez
Photogenic- Gavin Josiah Gonzalez

Little Miss
Cadynce Avery Gonzalez
1st Runner up – Bailey Pompa
2nd Runner Up- Kendall Bargas
Photogenic- Kendall Bargas

Little Master
Cash Shirhall
Photogenic- Cash Shirhall

Miss Pre-teen
Meghan Sparks
1st Runner Up – Destiny Garza
Photogenic- Meghan Sparks

Jr. Miss
Chloe White
1st Runner Up- Gillian Vasquez
2nd Runner Up- Amber Rodriguez
Photogenic- Gillian Vasquez

Miss Shrimpfest
Callie Wright
Photogenic- Callie Wright


There was plenty of tasty shrimp and other good food and drink at Shrimpfest.


“Boogie Woogie” Lots of great live music was presented at this year’s Shrimpfest.

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