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Clint & Barnacle

Enjoying Island Weather And Getting Healthy

Greetings from the island everyone. Hope all of you are doing well, enjoying the weather and staying healthy.

I mention healthy because I recently realized that at one year past the half-century mark, I’m no longer a Spring chicken and need to be more cognizant about my weight and health. So my fat butt has decided to incorporate a lifestyle change to include eating healthier and walking, and I mean walking a lot. I’ve averaged 30 miles per week for the past six weeks. And what better place to walk than on a beautiful stretch of beach along the Gulf of Mexico. I walk at least three miles in the early morning and two more in the evening, and even one day became very energetic and walked 10 miles total. . that week I walked 44 miles.

It only took me two days to realize that beach footwear was not ideal to walk in, so I invested in a decent pair of Nike walking tennis shoes, and my feet and ankles were so much happier. A premium pair of SAS walking shoes are in my near future now.

I occasionally make a brief stop to pick up a nice seashell, lettered olives have been washing ashore lately, otherwise I maintain a brisk steady beach walk. I lost 20 lbs the first thirty days, and I feel so much better. I’ll stay in touch on the progression.

Well we had our first decent norther of the season a few weeks ago, and oh how it felt nice. The cool breeze coming through the windows at night made for wonderful sleeping, and the pleasant mornings with no humidity were great for sitting out on the front porch and having a hot cup of coffee.

I don’t hunt dove, but after the first few northers they begin flying across the island in bunches. My island buddy, Leo, gave me and Louisiana Joe a few dozen dove breasts last week, and after seasoning and wrapping them in bacon and putting them on the grill, goodness those things were delicious. Nothing better tasting than wild lean game, natures organic food.

October is a great month for catching redfish too. Weather permitting, the family is coming out this weekend, and I know that mom is gonna want to pull in a few spotted-tails to fry up. The flounder should be starting to move by then also, so we will do our best to stick a few of those.

Well that’s it from the island for now, everyone take care and have a great day.

Clint is making necklaces for Christmas gifts from lettered olive shells he finds during his walks on the beach. These shells are naturally shiny and glossy.

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