Seadrift Council Seeks New Member

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At the December 2 meeting, Seadrift City Councilman Wesley Hunt announced his resignation effective December 30, 2014. Newly elected as Justice of the Peace, Mr. Hunt will assume his new duties on January 1, 2015.

City residents interested in serving on the Council should apply at City Hall by December 30, 2014. Applicants will be required to fill out a standard application and may include a resume or other pertinent information. Applicants must attend the January 6 Council Meeting where they will be expected to speak for approximately two minutes and answer any questions that may be put to them. The position will then be filled by a majority vote of the sitting Council members.

In other business, the Council voted to approve a small rate increase for water and sewer for those receiving these services outside the City limits. The increase would be 75 cents more for 3,000 gallons residential water outside the City limits. The mayor explained that this increase has been needed for a while due to having to use contractors instead of City personnel for most repairs done outside the city limits, and the fact that no City taxes are collected in these areas to offset the costs. A detailed chart of the rate increase may be obtained from City Hall.

Council voted to impose a Placement Permit requirement on all RVs placed on private property (excluding RV parks). This permit and the fee of $50 will apply to those RVs placed as temporary living quarters, not for those whose unoccupied RV is stored on their property or used only occasionally for accommodating their home visitors. A copy of this Ordinance RV-01 may be obtained from City Hall.

The monthly Police report was given by Officer Lewis: There were 252 calls for service during the month of November. The calls ranged from information to calls resulting in arrest. There were seven drug-related arrests. Officer Lewis reported 93 traffic stops for the month, resulting in 15 citations.

The Building Permit report was that two permits were issued with a valuation of $11,500.

The Municipal Court reported 15 new cases; 15 closed cases. $2,065.50 in fines was collected, of which $1,280.67 is kept by the City. There are currently 30 cases in progress in the Court.

Animal Control reported 9 dogs picked up and impounded to Port Lavaca; 10 dogs picked up and returned to their owners with Warnings; and one dog picked up and returned to its owner with Tickets. Eighteen verbal/written Warnings were issued. 14 cats were trapped and impounded, as were 10 wild animals. There were two call-out for animals hit by cars. Animal Control found a new home for one dog.

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