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Port O’Connor News

Excerpts from The Port Lavaca Wave, April 15, 1954
by Mrs. P.L. Lewis

Mrs. A.E. Hawes who has been away with her husband, who has been undergoing treatment, flew home from Freeport with her son last Tuesday. She says it was a little scary up there but they made it O.K. She got her car and returned to get Mr. Hawes who is in Freeport convalescing. Hawes is doing nicely.

Mrs. Donald James held a Tupper party at the Catholic Parish Hall and had a nice attendance. Refreshments were served.

Mrs. Fred Bradshaw, who has been ill for some time, has gone with her son Gilbert Wallington to Florida. She will visit there and try to gain back her health.

Mrs. Clara Munsch and son accompanied Mrs. Agnes Valigura to Victoria Wednesday to visit the dentist. The little boy had received a broken tooth.

Mr. and Mrs. E.W. Lewis took her mother, Mrs. Emma Barr, to see her doctor in Port Lavaca last Monday.

Mrs. Jane Munsch, Mrs. P.L. Lewis, Mrs. Bill Stapp and Mrs. R.W. Harris attended the PTA Council in Long Mott last Monday. The officers for the coming year were elected. Mrs. Melcher was presented with a Life pin in the PTA. She is not stepping out, but stepping up. She has been elected District Vice President.

At the R.M. Green home in the past week was a barbecue in honor of Mr. Lewis Johnson’s birthday. About thirty friends gathered there to pay respect to him and enjoy the delicious bar-be-cue. Mr. R.M. Green is a past master of that succulent dish. Everyone had a wonderful time visiting and eating.

Mrs. H.P. Clark arrived back home Tuesday evening from Galveston where she has been helping care for Mr. Clark’s mother in her illness. Grandmother Clark plans on coming to visit her son’s family very soon.

Mrs. Ed Whittaker, daughter Edna, Mrs. A.B. Barr and Mrs. W.H. Heinroth went to Victoria Friday. Came back by Port Lavaca to see the family doctor.
Mr. and Mrs. E.W. Lewis went to Seadrift Saturday evening to see about his boat.

Rev. Paul Stolher arrived here from Houston Saturday. He is the pastor of the First Baptist Church.

Ball Game Saturday night between the married women and town girls:

Line-up for married women were Mesdames Helen Munsch, Pitcher; Maida Clark, 1st base; Evelyn Thumann, 2nd base; Grady Jean Anderson, 3rd base; Mildred Apostalo, S.S.; Bert Hartfield, C.F.; Geneva Preslar, L.F.; Ruth Barr, R.F.; Lee Johnson and Corky Smith, Catchers.

For the Girls were: Peggy Stapp, Pitcher; Earl Beth Lewis, 1st base; Ester Lee Scott, 2nd base; Mary Catherine Albrecht, 3rd base; Josephine Ragusin, Nancy Stapp, Delores Lane and Lorna May Barr, Fielders.

This was a practice game and everyone there surely did enjoy it. The score was 7 to 4 in favor of the girls.

We are glad to report Mrs. Howard Stapp, Jr. is back home from Littlefield, Texas where she has been under treatment for asthma.

Mr. and Mrs. George Ureste were visiting in San Antonio this past week.

Mrs. Vivian Ortiz and daughter-in-law, Mrs. Billy Pipkin, were shopping in Port Lavaca last Saturday.

P.L. Lewis and an Air Force man, Wallis N. Eller, were in a wreck on intersection Sunday about noon. P.L. Lewis, driving a truck for Port O’Connor Seafoods and Eller, driving a passenger car. Neither of the men saw the other. Neither were driving over the speed limit. Neither were hurt in any way, although the car was badly damaged. Eller is a young man and Lewis in the 60’s.

Sunday is a day of rest.

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