Texas House Congratulates Rhonda Cummins

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Rhonda Cummins

Rhonda Cummins

Rhonda Cummins, Calhoun County Extension Agent, Coastal & Marine Resources, was honored on March 20 by the Texas House with a Resolution congratulating her on being named Port Lavaca Chamber of Commerce 2014 Woman of the Year and recognizing her valuable service to the community.

Rhonda received her Master of Marine Resource Management degree from Texas A&M in 2008. She began her work in Calhoun County on March 3, 2008, and is in her eighth year as our marine extension agent.

“I often explain to people that I am a newer, better looking Joe Surovik,” Rhonda joked. Joe was the first Marine Agent in the U.S. and was hired by Calhoun County in December 1972. He served in this job more than 23 years. Rhonda is the fourth Sea Grant agent to be located in Calhoun County.

In addition to her duties as a Marine Agent, Rhonda serves on the School Advisory Council for Our Lady of the Gulf Catholic School and chair the Outreach Committee. She also serves on the San Antonio Bay Foundation Board of Directors and the Board of Directors of the Texas Chapter of the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association. She is a volunteer coordinator for the GLO Adopt-a-Beach program for Magnolia Beach. Rhonda is a member of Grace Episcopal Church, Galveston and assistant club manager for the Mariner 4-H Club.

Speaking of her job as Marine Agent in Calhoun County, Rhonda said, “Every day is different and never boring. I have the opportunity to make a difference by interacting with the community in many ways including projects that improve degraded wetlands, teach adults and youth about the importance of our estuaries and other topics like kayaking, fishing, and cooking with seafood. One of the best parts of my job is that TAMU pays me to learn new things nearly every day as I help answer questions for people and try to help improve their lives, businesses and communities. I work hard to tailor my educational outreach programs and activities to meet the needs and requests of the people of Calhoun County. I can’t do it all but I do all I can.”

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