Warrior’s Weekend Wives and Children

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As Warrior’s Weekend approaches every year it is for so many a chance to honor, love, support and give back to our wounded military, veterans and their families. The outpouring of support and honor that is shown from the Field of Honor, to the people that line the roads waiting for hours just to get a chance to wave, cheer and say thank you, all the way to the unsurpassable love shown by the Port O’Connor community is beyond compare.

In the midst of it all, one couple decided they wanted to do something for a group of wives and their children. For the past four years, Joy and Charles Fryou, with the help of many other special individuals, have welcomed a group of wives and their children to their island home during the Saturday of Warriors Weekend.
Saturday morning begins with an amazing crew of boats and drivers who eagerly await to carry us to our destination. From beach fun for the kids, to food, and a showering of love and gifts they have made this weekend for many of us so very special.

True patriots, they have expressed their undying gratitude and love for not only our Military but for the spouses and families that stand by them every day. What they have done for our families and humbly continue to do is simply amazing. We are so very blessed and have truly been touched by these very special people in which God has ushered into our lives.
With the love and support of so many people like them and Gods direction and vision, several years ago Warrior Wives, a healing and support group, was birthed. Warrior Wives is a support system for wives and holds monthly group meetings. We also provide an annual retreat held for wives, girlfriends, finances and Gold Star wives of veterans. Please feel free to contact us via our website www.christianwarriorsretreat.org for more information.

We thank Joy and Charles, and Warriors Weekend, for a time of relaxation and refreshment as we go and provide the same for those in our community who so desperately need it.
-Lindsay Green

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