A Little PS (‘post script’) About Our Postmaster by Kelly Gee

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Port O’Connor Postmaster Johnny Johnson

Port O’Connor Postmaster Johnny Johnson

If you have ever been in our POC Post Office, the smiling face and helping hand behind the counter is our own Postmaster, Johnny Johnson. It is nothing unusual for him to ask about your family, listen to details of your latest fishing trip, carry the heaviest box out to your car, or even loan you a stamp or tape when you need it. He has always gone above and beyond the duties of the job, and been friendly and cheerful even on the hottest summer afternoon or during the worst of the holiday package rush.

Johnny recently surprised my five year old grandson, Raedyn with a ‘package’ of his own. The boy was visiting and was so sad that he never had a package in the mailbox. First Johnny gave him an IOU note for one package. The very next time we were in, Raedyn found a yellow package claim card in the mailbox which he promptly used to claim a package addressed to him containing a lovely assortment of candies and a mint. It was addressed to the little guy in Johnny’s own hand, and delivered with a smile and wink. My grandson could not have been happier. That’s just how Johnny works!

Johnny Johnson, Port O’Connor Postmaster, will be retiring the end of this summer. How exciting for him and how sad for us! After 34 years with the US Postal Service and more than ten years in charge of the POC Office, he is officially passing the stamp dispenser and letter sorter to the next person. He hopes to travel some, fish lots more and spend some time with Patricia, his High School Sweetheart and beautiful wife of more than 40 years.

One of his first planned trips is to Arizona to see his son and two grandchildren there; and his daughter and two more grandchildren are closer to home in the Shiner area. He and Patricia both love to eat out, fish, travel and spend time together, but chances to do that have been scarce as he commutes from the Palacios area daily to handle his Postmaster duties. Johnny says many people have asked him to go fishing, but he never had the chance, so he hopes to visit us as a tourist and not for work. All those locals and avid fishermen who have asked him to join them over the years need to go by and book a time to take them out on the water soon.

Johnny says he will miss the people the most. Coming to Port O’Connor was like coming to a friend’s house for him. People were warm, friendly, welcoming and helpful to him and made him love working in POC from the very first day. He encourages us to please make the next person feel the same.

Johnny was quick to say the postal bureaucracy, the many new bosses and the changes, changes, changes that go with working for the Postal Service will not be missed at all. He frankly admits that part of the job was not fun at all. Despite the inconveniences, he will find the final day bittersweet he says, and sends a big thanks and a heartfelt goodbye to his POC people.

The new recruit will take over duties sometime in the next few weeks, but never be a replacement for those of us who love Johnny. His official exit is scheduled for the end of August but like all things relating to the mail, things could be delayed he says. If you want to be a part of celebrating Johnny’s retirement, we will be sharing lunch and appreciation with him on Tuesday, August 25, 2015 from 11:30 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. at the Port O’ Connor Community Center during a come and go open luncheon and reception. Take time to come by and wish him well.

Happy Retirement Johnny Johnson!

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