A Welcome Sight in Port O’Connor by Joyce Rhyne

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Artist Daniel Pacl by his Port O’Connor mural

Artist Daniel Pacl by his Port O’Connor mural

“Welcome to Port O’Connor!” The beautiful new mural at the corner of Hwy 185 and Byers needs no words to convey that happy message. Dedicated to our fishery and fishermen, the giant speckled trout and redfish beckon one to “come on down” and enjoy all the water sports and fun-in-the-sun our little town has to offer.

The mural is the work of Daniel Pacl of Austin, a freelance artist and avid angler, who describes himself as “an overall fishy dude”. His art is very much geared toward fishing. Daniel is a fishing guide on Lake Lady Bird. (This lake, formerly called Town Lake, is the best kept secret in Austin, he says.) In addition to catching lots of fish, he has won awards for fish taxidermy.

“As an artist, pen and ink has always been my specialty,” says Daniel, “but I am quickly falling in love with painting.” He has painted everything from guitars to boots, but this mural on the side of Marty’s Landing is the largest painting he has ever done.

Assisted by Port O’Connor local, Jeremy Riddle, who held the ladder and adjusted the lights, Daniel created the mural over a period of about a month, usually working four nights a week, (nights to avoid the heat and brightness of the sun.)

Returning to Austin, Daniel will be working on a line of T-shirts and custom fly boxes, under the brand name “FISHTHIRTY”. His slogan is: “Real anglers know what time it is.” He is also seeking more work as an artist, designer, writer, and is open to painting more murals to further beautify our town.

Pictures of his artwork and his fishing photos can be viewed at: Instagram/itsalwaysfishthirty. His website, www.fishthirty.net, will soon be up and pen and ink drawing prints will soon be available at Marty’s Landing. You can contact Daniel Pacl at: fishthirty@gmail.com.

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