Port O’Connor Ladies: Once again Bunco was celebrated on Tuesday Evening, December 1, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. in the Community Center. Serving as hostesses and welcoming the beginning of our Christmas and Holiday Season were Mary Ann Claiborne and Shirley Gordon with a delightful repast. After much talking and eating and finally playing, gifts were exchanged to the delight of all in attendance. Plans were made for January 5, 2016 with June Westling and Debbie Michalek serving as the New Year’s hostesses. If you are new to Bunco or just need further information, please call Shirley Gordon at the Library, 935-4365 to make arrangements to be there and enjoy that evening.

Many of us found Hooper’s Bar & Grille was THE PLACE to watch the Boat Parade on the 5th of December. No where else in Port O’Connor can you enjoy an incredible view of the Intracoastal and bays while nibbling on some great food at the same time. Port O’Connor is privileged to have a restaurant of this caliber in our area, and we certainly hope that those of you who have not sampled what Hoop offers, will stop by some evening, and see for yourself. Hours now are 4:00 p.m. opening with the kitchen starting at 4:30 p.m.; be prepared to attend and enjoy!

Holiday Music From Our School was once again performed on Thursday evening December 17 in the School Gymnasium. And do hope that many of our residents as well as the proud parents and grandparents were there to hear this wonderful outpouring of Christmas Spirit from our students.

The 34th Annual Christmas Luncheon was hosted and prepared by members of the POC Service Club for our Senior residents. This year the Club honored our neighbor to the South with foods and decorations.

Begun in 1981 by the fledgling Club, the members greeted and hosted about 25 Senior residents with a meal of chicken and dumplings and exchange of gifts in the old Community Center, an area of our existing Fire Station. And every year the Club did the same in that area, until it became too small for the attendees. At that point the Club then reverted to the churches around town; and then, when our existing Community Center was built, the Christmas Luncheon was held there as the number of our attendees had grown and grown. The menu would consist of turkey, ham or brisket all avidly welcomed by those present along with many individually prepared salads and vegetables and potatoes, that were capped by some amazing desserts.

And Once Again, A Very Merry Christmas And Very Happy 2016 To All My Wonderful Readers! I’m hoping not to run out of words and events in our wonderful community next year!

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