BEWARE OF WHERE YOU WALK! Several poisonous reptiles are making their presence known. Coral, cottonmouths, and rattlesnakes are here and have been seen in our area.

Have you seen the incredible works by our wonderful Dragon Lady, Gloria Fric and her crew of dynamic and talented sculptors? Once again, Gloria is here to lend her unbelievable creative talents to a pile of sand and turn it into stunning and meaningful sculptures. And many thanks to our local residents who help build the sand sculpture.

I’ve been covering the Warriors’ Weekend from the very first when some of us stood out on the highway waving a welcome to the buses as they arrived; stopping and taking pix of the first group of boats anchored at Froggie’s ready to take another guy on board; and many of us making cookies to be delivered at 6:00 in the morning for a day’s treats on board a fishing boat. But that was long ago; now we have our incredible and talented lady, Gloria Fric, the Dragon Lady, to put into sand what we have thought and wished for so many years ago. Thank you, Gloria; you and your very talented team are what make this such a wonderful and touching celebration.
Several of our residents have been attending the monthly meetings of the Water District to learn what plans are for our area; although I don’t have a date for the next meeting, POC residents need to attend these meetings to learn how, what, and why the Board is spending the money and make your thoughts known. Suggestion would be to check the bulletin board at the Post Office for a meeting date.

The results of the 12 Million Dollar Bond Issue have just been posted: sadly a very small amount of our population voted.*

The First Annual Poco Music Fest is now being planned for the area of the Fishing Center parking lot. This is an event that will begin on Thursday, July 14th and end on Saturday, July 16th. A stage will be built facing Commerce St between 14th and 13th Streets with a number of country and western musicians each day to play; there will be many vendors inside the roped off area of the parking lot. Admission will be $20 per day for each day’s events. Parking and shuttle buses will be running from the Community Center to this area. And an expectation of over 15,000 celebrants to attend that will take part in this event. However, the traditional weigh-in of all fish caught during Poco will still take place at the existing platform on Water St. adjacent to the Fishing Center.

June will be arriving shortly and with it will be the Summer Reading Program at our Library. Do plan to come and see and talk with our knowledgeable Librarian, Shirley Gordon, for more information to sign up your child. Library hours have not changed being open all day Monday and Tuesday from 9 am till 6 pm; afternoons Wednesday and Thursday; and Saturday till 1:00 p.m. Or call Shirley at 983-4365. See you soon!

A new lady is here in town: Rebecca Weaver from the Benavides Post Office, has taken over our post office and will be assisted by Christina Barrientos who has held down the ropes. We wish you much luck and do hope you enjoy all our incredible and caring residents.

A very Happy Mother’s Day to all our Mothers and Grandmothers as well. Hope you all had a wonderful and happy day with husbands and children both young and older as well. And it’s time to let someone else cook! However, I wound up making Chicken (who can find Veal) Scolloppi for my special and caring husband. PS: It was great! As Henry said too!

A note to our mothers in this community: I got a large and deep splinter in my thumb and despite probing with a needle, could not get it out. My neighbor, bless her, told me to get Vicks Vaporub, rub it on the splinter and cover it with a bandage. Amazingly, the splinter was able to be removed easily the next morning! I’m a convert! And will keep that wonderful jar of Vicks easily available.

I welcome correspondence from various organizations re their happenings for information to add to this column. Also welcome any remarks, good or otherwise.
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* Regarding the Port O’Connor Bond Issue: It did pass.

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