Bunco Evening, that group of very fun ladies who thoroughly enjoy themselves, met again July 5th at 7 pm in the back room of the Community Center. Since this meeting followed immediately the celebration of the 4th, the hostesses acknowledged that special day with appropriate delights. The next meeting of this group will be Tuesday Evening, August 2, 2016, at 7 pm, and if any newcomer or other resident is considering joining in the fun, please contact Shirley Gordon at the Library for further information.

Fishing Tournaments began in earnest during the Memorial Day weekend, and the lists of these these events last until October. One weekend in June boasted five tournaments! Poor fish, I bet they went into hiding until Wednesday of the following week!

The 4th of July brought many visitors and residents, all seeking that special place to park and enjoy the big fireworks display sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, and lit by specially trained gentlemen. How this has grown from the time a wonderful gentleman on the Front Beach bought fireworks for the residents to admire and enjoy and was followed by the street dances. Now we have on our big fireworks show as well as the delicious BBQ dinner put on by our local firemen and EMS. All monies contributed for the BBQ help fund our volunteers. These are the guys who help you in time of need.

Further detailing our calendar of events for July is the 1st Music Fest of Poco Bueno Week. Do hope that the multitudes of visitors enjoyed the many vendors as well as the musical concerts. And that they take the opportunity to view the results of our Poco Bueno Tournament from the weigh-in station.

The Poco Bueno Tournament (July 14-16) is always a much anticipated event here in POC.

June has been extremely warm (?) and I’ve heard many folks saying we were getting August weather early. If that’s so, wonder what will happen in August?

Hey, all you wonderful cooks with the greatest recipes for either Chili or Gumbo. Hoop is once again hosting the next Chili/Gumbo Cookoff in October at his wonderful place for cooking at Hooper’s Bar and Grille. Get your recipes together so POC cooks can regale all the other out of the area cooks by WINNING! We want to show our skills in fixing a fantastic gumbo let alone a delightful chili to our neighborhood. And, as in the past, many of the monies derived from this event will go to benefit the funding for our new Library. Watch this column for more information re date, rules, and other information. And do hope to see many of you there!

One of my delights has been, after a heavy rain, watching the many sea gulls taking a bath in the puddles on 14th Street. They pop in the water and then scoop it up in their bills and let it pour down their bodies. Then they shake their feathers and do it once again. What a delight!

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I welcome correspondence from various organizations re their happenings for information to add to this column. Also welcome any remarks, good or otherwise.

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