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We can’t say it enough! “Friends” is so appreciative of all those that support our goal of building a new library in Port O’Connor. With that in mind, we thought the POC community would enjoy seeing the latest donation made by four very industrious and thoughtful children. Blessings on everyone who cares about this ongoing project! We’re getting there slowly, but surely!!
-Virginia Dell Lichac

(Left to Right) Kena Rabe, Jaxson Allen, Kyla Rabe, Kinzley Allen

(Left to Right) Kena Rabe, Jaxson Allen, Kyla Rabe, Kinzley Allen

My granddaughters, Kena and Kyla Rabe, wanted to open a Lemonade Stand during POCO Fest. Since our house is located on Commerce Street where all the POCO Fest action was, we agreed under one condition…they had to donate half their earnings to something worthwhile. After several suggestions, they chose the new POC Library. As a retired school librarian, I was thrilled! Along with their friends and in two short hours, the girls raised over $200…people were very generous. They took out their donation part, paid me back for the lemonade and cups and split the rest four ways! It was a wonderful lesson in selling, buying, profit margin and giving. Needless to say, we were very proud and so glad we can be a part of the future library. The girls are looking forward to one day checking out books from the new facility and so are we!

James and Mary K. Rabe
Cuero, Texas

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