My neighbors Parker and Patty are always telling me how proud they are to be a part of Port O’Connor, Texas. They say it is a great community and so friendly. The grands were here for the last big weekend of summer and fishing was on the agenda. The whole bunch got up early and hit the water hoping to catch fish and a few last summer rays. Just beyond the jetties, the youngest grandson hooked into a little shark. While fighting to land it, his rod came apart at the joint and flew into the water. It was a new rod to the boy so he was pretty devastated. They circled the boats thinking they might be able to retrieve it. It was indeed floating, so Parker, his son in his boat and his brother Paul in the neighboring boat all began to reach and stretch and make multiple close passes trying to catch the rod. Parker lost his favorite fishing hat on one attempt, his son dropped his fishing glasses onto the back tail of the boat deck and cracked the frame and Parker’s brother dropped his fishing clippers and pocket limit guidebook out of his front pocket and into the water. The grandsons and granddaughters were laughing and cheering and pushing them on to grab the rod and they tried and tried until they finally caught it. The grandson was so happy to have his rod back and the other grands were giggled silly and highly impressed with ‘Grandy Parker’s’ successful efforts. In reviewing the recovery efforts, they calculated one hat, $30, glasses $75+, clippers and guide to be replaced $10. Being the hero that saved the day for your grandson and recovered his first ‘big boy’ fishing rod….priceless. The outing yielded few fish, but lots of laughs and loads of memories. That’s fishing POC style.

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