Judy Anderson

Judy Anderson

Our Port O’ Connor School is something to be proud of. One of the reasons is our teaching staff. Teachers are still really important to 1st graders. Their students think they are wonderful and special and know everything. Our POC 1st graders have a really good one…Mrs. Judy Anderson, First Grade Teacher Extraordinaire. Mrs. Anderson, a University of Texas graduate, has been teaching for 39 years. She spent several years in kindergarten before moving to 1st grade.

Mrs. Anderson comes from a long legacy of great teachers. Her mother, her grandmother and her favorite great aunt were all teachers. She loves teaching and gives her students more…more time, more love and encouragement, more chances for academic success, more of herself and her expertise, more. She has received numerous awards and recognitions including multiple Outstanding Educator and Teacher of the Year awards, many district honors and school recognitions; but none of these are what make her most proud.

Hundreds of former students who have successfully passed through her classroom remain in touch and appreciative of all she has done for them. They call and write, they visit and email, and bring their own children to meet the woman who taught them to love learning. She is teaching the children of former students and finding joy in the task.

One young professional who was in her class more than 20 years ago told me that Mrs. Anderson probably saved her life. She came from a rough home and felt safe only at school. As a young and impressionable 1st grader she would sit as close as possible to her hero, the beautiful Mrs. Anderson, and would often touch her hand or even rub her fashionable and pretty panty hose that seemed so special to the unsettled young girl. Today that little girl has a successful career and children of her own, but still tears up when speaking of Mrs. Anderson’s influence in her life. A POC Mom credits Mrs. Anderson with imparting her love of reading and the world of escape and adventure it brings, and told me she was so excited to have her son reach the age where he would be one of Mrs. Anderson’s angels. He loved her classroom and still says she was his best teacher ever. The younger sibling is just about to reach the magic year where he will also be in Mrs. Anderson’s class, and he can’t wait.

But, like all good teachers, Mrs. Judy Anderson has many other important jobs in her life as well. She has helped students with food from the food pantry, Christmas Angel packages, early and late tutoring in problem areas, support counseling and even mothering when the need called for it. Then, after a long day with her kinder and 1st graders, she went home to busy growing boys of her own, a husband running a demanding business, a thriving extended family that loves and often needs her, and community involvement besides. She was able to balance the demands and still be a great teacher.

Those busy boys she raised are grown and successfully building lives of their own. The younger son Tyler is completing a Master’s Degree in Finance at his Mom’s alma mater and is a joy to his family. The older son, Collin, is a shining testimony to the true inspiration of his mother’s teaching savvy. Mr. Colin Anderson is in his fifth year of teaching. He began in Special Education Classrooms and is now teaching 1st grade…following in his mother’s hard-to-fill footsteps. And guess what… Young Mr. Anderson is doing an amazing job.

Described by his administrator as an outstanding teacher, he is considered a rising star in the district and a real success by the Regional Educational Service Center. He has already won some awards and recognition just like his mother, but he also is serving well beyond the books and backpacks. He has sought out social and community services for students at risk or in need; provided food, clothing and other assistance to students and their families when crisis called for and is active in programs, field trips, activities and extracurricular enrichment in Seadrift schools. His unselfish service to students is making a big difference.

Collin Anderson

Collin Anderson

When Collin was in the respected Mrs. Anderson’s kindergarten class, he was a model student. His little brother Tyler was also in Mom’s class. After his Kindergarten year, his teacher and mother was asked to move up, often called looping, with her students. She could offer more help and better target educational goals because she already knew her students.

Young Tyler was asked by his grandmother what he thought about his mother moving up to 1st grade with him. He proudly said, ‘Oh, it’s great! She’s the best teacher. She is going all the way through school with me until I graduate.”

Tyler was promoted but Mrs. Anderson was retained. She loved 1st grade and stayed right there, teaching others the love of learning just as she taught her own young sons.

And now her legacy continues as Mr. Anderson is heard to echo encouragement through a busy classroom as young 1st graders learn to love learning. Oh, the lives that have been impacted by Mrs. Judy Anderson, 1st Grade teacher and her son Mr. Collin Anderson, 1st Grade Teacher.

Following in the family footsteps and adding to our hometown success story.

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Terry Deihl

I remember when Judy Anderson started her teaching career. She was excited and had that new teacher glow and passion. She had made some posters for her room and we went to the school to laminate them. It is very clear her passion for teaching has continued, as is written in this article. POC school is so lucky to have her! She is living the dream! Continued happiness and success, Judy!

October 23rd, 2016 at 2:56 pm
Nelda Holloway

Judy, you are still beautiful, inside and out. You are one of the most steadfast people I have ever known, so happy to have known you all those years..

November 8th, 2016 at 6:56 pm

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