Some of the  fun rocks hidden around Port O’Connor.

Some of the fun rocks hidden around Port O’Connor.

My neighbors Parker and Patty are always telling me how proud they are to be a part of Port O Connor, Texas. They say it is a great community and so friendly. Patty has loved rocks since she was a kid. You might even say she is a rock hound. So, when she heard about painted rocks being hidden in POC she had to check it out. She learned some friends had started POC Texas Rocks to have fun, spread joy and positive messages about POC. Brightly painted rocks, some in crazy and unusual shapes, were made and hidden near businesses, homes, offices and other places in the community. When found, people were encouraged to take a photo, share where it was found and re-hide it to for someone else to find.

Well, the idea took off. Those rocks are showing up simply everywhere. Churches, banks, the Post Office, shopping carts and business windows, homes and autos are part of the action. The friends found a long skinny rock they painted like a hot dog, a round rock they painted like a turtle, a buttocks shaped rock they painted like jean pockets and a heart shaped rock they painted like a stone age Valentine.

Patty simply had to join the fun. So, when the grands came to visit, they pulled out the paints and decorated their own inspired rocks. Parker made a fish, a grandson made a Ninja Turtle, the granddaughter painted a beautiful starfish, and all were excited to hide their rocks. Patty took the grandkids off in the golf cart to hide rocks and Parker took the adult kids separately to hide their own. They agreed not to tell where they went. Later that evening, they reassembled for dinner only to find that Parker had found his grandson’s Ninja Turtle rock while picking up pizza for dinner, granddaughter Payton found her mom’s flowered rock at the front beach, and grandmom Patty found her husband’s artistic fish rock while picking up the mail. All four were surprised to find they had found rocks decorated and hidden by their family. Not only that, but while out running, they found two other rocks decorated and hidden by someone else. It was total fun. A great way for all of them to share time and build positive memories together.

So, whether you are hiding them, or finding them, ‘rock on’ POC. Watch for those fun, artistic and original rocks, post a picture and tell us where you found them. And remember, there is much more good going on in our little town than you even know. POC Texas Rocks and so do the people who live here Maybe painted rocks will help you see the beautiful colors of our community. Check out all the rocks on Facebook at POC Texas Rocks.

P.S. We hear that Seadrift also rocks!

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