The 2016-2017 school year is about to come to an end. Graduation Day in Calhoun County is set for May 26.  As is our custom, Dolphin Talk would be pleased to recognize all Seniors who will be achieving this important milestone.

Please send us your Senior photo, name, address, and parents’ names to be included in the Graduation issue. We would also like to know of your club/athletic participation and accomplishments while in school, plus any plans you have for your future.

Please email us at with your photo and information. If you bring your photo to our office or mail it to us, we will copy it and return it to you. We plan to publish your photos and information in our June issue. Deadline for submissions is June 5th.

We would also like to acknowledge college or trade school graduates. Please let us hear from you. Thank you.

Joyce Rhyne, Editor
Dolphin Talk  – PO Box 777 – Port O’Connor, TX 77982
2232 Monroe, Port O’Connor; 361-983-4667

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