Bonding While Bowling by Roxanne Ochoa

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4-H’ers at the bowling alley

4-H’ers at the bowling alley

Intercoastal 4-H club members enjoyed celebrating their year of accomplishments by meeting up at the bowling alley on the evening of Thursday, June 1. Club members, along with some of their friends and families, had a fantastic time as they shared a potluck meal and played several games of bowling.

A Fun & Busy Year!

Club members participated in various activities through the year. They raised, showed, sold, processed, and delivered poultry and livestock (rabbits and goats) in the summer and fall. Throughout the year, they volunteered by cleaning up our community, collecting food for the local food pantry, and lending helping hands as needed around town. In the spring, some members gained more sewing and photography skills while others learned more about local wildlife. Club members really enjoyed creating and launching their “Stomp Rockets” when County Extension Agent Eric Taylor came to a meeting.

What’s next?

This summer, 4-H members take a break from club activities and focus on individual projects. Some will create and submit record books about their projects, which can lead to County and/or District awards for junior and intermediate members and even State awards and scholarships for senior members. They may go on a Record book trip to Splashway or attend a County or District Leadership lab. Club members raising turkeys are already taking care of them and will continue to do so until the Calhoun County Fair in October (17th-21st). They may attend a poultry clinic, livestock tag-in or progress show to prepare for raising their animals. Other members will further grow their skills in other areas by attending a camp, taking lessons, or just practicing at home and around town. Then in the fall, we start meeting again!

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