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Egg Cracking Party

Egg Cracking Party

We have been enjoying the series of messages concerning The Holy Spirit – From the Cradle to Eternity. We have been studying this approach to Scripture since the first of the year and are not nearly finished with it. We find many people know about the Father, and about the Son, but few understand the ministry of the Holy Spirit. You are welcome to come and enjoy and learn about God the Holy Spirit at any and most of our services.

Pastor Joane preached a marvelous message on Mother’s Day which was truly inspirational to all women, especially the moms who were present. Each mother received a special hand-made gift.

Carol did an excellent job of holding our annual Egg Cracking Party in preparation for the Warrior’s Weekend. We had a lot of hands on deck and over 400 dozen eggs to prepare for our Saturday morning breakfast. We fixed in excess of 2,200 breakfast tacos for the troops and sincerely appreciate all the wonderful volunteers we had helping us. We had close to 25 ladies from the Friendswood community come to help, plus all our locals who truly work hard to make our soldiers feel appreciated. Thank you for your support in helping us accomplish this important service – you gave and helped and that made it happen! Thanks!

We enjoyed the ministry of the Rusty Nixon family on June 4. The Reverend Nixon recently began his ministry, but we have known his family for at least 30 years. His daughter has recently won a contest at the District level and is advancing to the National competition in Anaheim, CA in August. She did a short sermon for children and our kids truly enjoyed her.

On Father’s Day we will be hosting the Teen Challenge Band. They are a group of men from the San Antonio Teen Challenge Center. This is an in-house rehabilitation campus where men and women come from all across the nation to help them overcome addictions of various kinds. They will be sharing what the Lord has done and is doing in their lives. It will be a special Father’s Day celebration and all are welcomed to come. Additionally, every dad present will receive a special gift, thanks to Marty’s Landing.

On June 25, Pastor Jesse will be filling the pulpit at the Chapel as Pastor Erny and Joane will be visiting two of our other church locations. We have Campus Pastors there, but will be going to visit the congregation and hopefully strengthen the leadership.

Fisherman’s Chapel is an interdenominational congregation, whose goal is to help prepare just common folks find peace with God in the here to prepare us for peace with God in eternity. Everyone will find a warm welcome here and you are urged to, “Come, grow with us!”

Cooking breakfast tacos for the warriors

Cooking breakfast tacos for the warriors

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