Bay Flats Lodge on San Antonio Bay by Capt. Chris Martin

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Early Morning Plastics Bay Flats Lodge

Early Morning Plastics
Bay Flats Lodge

Summertime truly begins in the month of June. The kids are out of school for a couple months and families everywhere are making vacation arrangements, and a lot of Texans will choose to head to the coast for some well-deserved rest and relaxation. But whatever plans you make for enjoying the Texas coastal region this summer, plan on having to deal with the heat, and come prepared to do so with lots of drinking water, proper protective clothing, and tubes of sunscreen.

As the hotter months approach, look for ever-increasing amounts of bait fish to slowly be working their way along sandy shallows and shorelines that happen to have some grass thrown in the mix. Some good trout hunting places this month will be shallow shorelines first thing in the morning that have a sandy bottom structure that alternates slightly in depth as you walk away from shore and toward deeper water. Sometimes just a couple of inches in depth can make quite a difference to a summertime trout that’s hanging out in the shallows looking for that perfect sweet spot.

A key this month will be to locate active bait fish. With bay water temperatures now in excess of 80-degrees, warmer water means more bait. Large numbers of bait fish attract greater numbers of game fish, especially the trout and red fish, so find the active bait and you should have a good shot at finding the active trout and reds.

June is also the time of the year to start looking for the presence of large pods, or schools, of redfish – sometimes really big groups of them. Angler can often find many groups of them bunched closely together in a rather tight area, and then find smaller groups of them spread here-and-there along miles of summertime shorelines hovered around the presence of the large pods of mullet working on the surface of the water. Regardless, as shoreline water temperatures continue to increase, expect the numbers of summertime reds to do the same.

June anglers can also expect for croaker fishing to be in full swing this month. Some of your prime targets might be many of the exposed oyster reefs situated throughout the entire San Antonio Bay area, and early morning sand spots situated amongst beds of shoreline grass. On days when the wind and weather permit, look also to the surf waters just outside Pass Cavallo for some hot trout action. Trout on croaker in the surf is generally fairly good when you’re able to get out there, but top water action in the surf can also be undeniably one of the most fun things you can do as a coastal angler. Happy summertime to all!

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