Saltwater Lodge Outdoor Report by Capt. Jeff Larson

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Ella with her 1st Redfish, with Dad and Capt. Jeff Larson. Mom gets the photo credit. Great times and Great Memories!!!

Ella with her 1st Redfish, with Dad and Capt. Jeff Larson. Mom gets the photo credit. Great times and Great Memories!!!

I am writing you from Marken South Africa over looking a scenic Bushvelt with majestic age old mountains in the background. I have been bringing customers to Africa since the 90’s, personally I have been hunting in Africa since the mid 80’s. My longtime friends and PH buddies fine tune your Safari to meet your needs because of my long standing history with the guys.

South Africa and Namibia are the most scenic with an over abundance of wildlife to photograph, hunt or fish. These 2 provinces are the easiest to travel through with the best accommodations the Dark Continent has to offer for a vacation or hunting trip. If you ever wanted to take a photographic or hunting Safari, now is the time to book your trip.

Looking back at May, We believe you would agree that it was a good fishing month even though it was littered with minor cold fronts with some strangely harsh winds at times. The month of May’s weather pattern made for some interesting good catches and different Bay patterns. We were in the middle of the Trout Spawn which led to some great trophy trout fishing. Capt. Nathan Beabout had several clients break their personal best trout records on DSL baits and Top waters alike. The mid bay reefs were on fire when the weather was stable enough to safely fish them. The coolers filled up quick when you found the trout bite on the color change around the different reef transition areas. Plus, we had some crazy low and high tides within days of each other which made it interesting for most fishermen. This is where booking full time guides pays off. They have the edge being on the water everyday during the extreme changes. It made for some good fishing if you knew how to adjust for the changing tides.

We had booked several memorable trips in May. The 1st that comes to mind was my old high school football coach, Coach Neuendorff. Coach brought his son down for some great red fishing action in the back lakes on the extreme low tides. Coach and I stayed in the boat while Capt. Chris Cady taught the Coach’s son how to wade fish. It was on a post cold front with high pressure. The Reds were definitely more hungry than the trout. The waders scored using top water baits. While Coach and I caught em on fresh cut mullet. We had a great time catching up and catching limits of reds with a bonus few trout from the waders.

The other special day was filling in for Capt. Keith Hudson with his customers the Plezia Family. It’s always a little stressful when you have to fill in for the Legendary Captains of P.O.C. We didn’t get on a Typical Capt. Keith Smack Down but we were able to get Rick and Rhonda’s young daughter Ella on her very 1st Red and a nice Trout. The Good Lord gave us pleasant weather that day. Ella and her Mom caught several fish to make for a good fried fish dinner. Ella was the sweetest and most mannerly little 6 year old that I have taken fishing. She loved sitting between Dad and I as we ran the back lakes. She had a ball and she will be back. Great Days like these on the water is what we are all about.

Now for June, according to all the pictures my buddies have been sending me while we are hunting in SA is it looks like it is epic trout fishing to say the least. The Captains on the middle coast are making clients very happy. Wade fishermen and boat fishermen alike are getting tons of trout. The trout action is the best we have seen in recent years. You should come take advantage of it.

Please Give Scott a call for reservations at: 361 785 3825.

If you are wanting to get on an Africa Safari with my Buddies in SA please give me a call. They have openings at the end of July and August.

Enjoy your summer!
Captain Jeff Larson 281 217 0399

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