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Greetings from the island everyone, I hope all of you are doing well and adjusting to this pre-summer warm weather. It will officially be the south Texas summer season in a few days, and not having AC out here, I’ll definitely start feeling it. But that’s ok, after all these years without it, I’ve conditioned myself to tolerate it.

A few weeks ago I went in for the day and attended the POC Kids Fishing & Kite Flying contests held at front beach. Oh my goodness, to see the joy on those kids faces while catching the tiniest of fish off the pier was priceless. It didn’t matter the size or what type of fish it was, they were having a great time. I did see two brothers, at the very end of the front beach seawall, bring in two very nice 24”+ redfish to win the big fish category. Those were some nice reds!

And the kite flying contest was a blast to watch as well. I was surprised to see so many kids down there flying their kites and later accepting their awards for different categories. But trust me, every kid at front beach was a winner that day.

The tomato plants are nearing their final stages of production, and I am so happy with how well they did this Spring season. I’ve given away so many delicious tomatoes to friends so that they can enjoy them as well. And a few Saturday’s ago, I went in to Susan and Britt’s, and for the very first time, we made homemade salsa from the tomatoes, and it turned out great. I’ll start a few tomato seeds for Fall planting and will definitely make more salsa.

On June 2 my new baby chicks arrived at the Post Office, yay! I got 16 Black Star hens, 2 Welsummer roosters and 8 assorted baby guineas ( keets ), to raise with the chickens, and they were all only 48 hours old upon arrival. Right now I am raising them in a brooder in a separate building, and at five weeks old I will move them into the regular chicken pen. I’m taking Corky into the raising area several times a day so he can adjust to them, and he seems to be doing very well. I have cleaned out the pen area from the previous flock of chickens, so I’m ready for the transfer in a few weeks. I’m looking forward to fresh eggs in 5-6 months.

It’s been beautiful beach combing weather lately, especially since the mosquitoes have slacked off after over nine inches of rain in two weeks. The island needed rain, and we certainly got it. The seaweed has been minimal this season, and a few sea-beans have been washing in with it. It’s fun and relaxing walking the beach looking for and collecting different treasures that have washed ashore.

My friends and I are still having beach bonfires under the island moon and stars. It’s so relaxing to sit in front of the fire on a beautiful full moon and listening to music, just enjoying life. But we sure need more wood to start washing up. The driftwood, limbs and tree trunks to gather and burn are getting very slim, so more wood is definitely needed.

Here recently my Dish tv satellite receiver box went out and needed upgraded after 14 years, so for ten days I was without tv until the Dish guys could come out to install a new system. I brought them out by boat and within a few hours I was back in business. I enjoy watching some early morning and late evening tv, so not having it for those ten days caused me to be on my IPhone more, enough to go over my data usage and pay an extra $15 the next month! Plus I know I ordered a few non-essentials using the phone during that time, so not having that tv cost me a few hundred bucks I’m sure. Bad Clint!

Well that’s it from the island for now, everyone take care and have a great day.

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