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The POC Community Service Club will be electing new officers in September. This would be a great time to join us as we continue to serve POC and make our home town the best home town. If you are a member and want to suggest someone for an officer, please call or email Diane Cooley, Mary Ann Claiborne or Kelly Gee. We value input from our members.

We have really had fun showing movies on the new big blow up screen. They will continue the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of July and August and we will announce new plans for when Fall movies will be showing. Big thanks to Marie and Robbie Hawes for sharing the use of their movie style popcorn maker. It has been a delicious treat. If you come to the movies, bring a chair or pillow for the floor and expect a fun time. If you check the Facebook page for the movie title and dress to the movie theme, you win a prize.

School begins soon, and our school has had some facelift work during the summer. The Service Club is working on the soccer goals that we will donate to POC Elementary. We hope they will be ready and in place before the first day. We are also planning to help with the local school supply drive. Look for the donation barrel at Speedy Stop and drop in pencils, crayons, tablets or whatever you choose. It will be a big help to those working parents who need to buy new shoes, back to school clothes and new backpacks before they ever start purchasing school supplies. PTO will use the donated supplies as needed at POC Elementary.

The next Service Club Garage Sale is set for October 7th at the Pavilion. If you have used clothes, shoes, household good or other items in good shape you would like to donate to our sale, please call Linda Orrick at 719-650-3433, Diane Cooley at 903-467-6335, Kelly Gee at 817-929-2564 or Marie Hawes at 361-920-2322. They will help you out.

We have other plans for Fall, and will be sharing details soon. So, until next time, be safe, live simply, love openly, forgive generously and remember this quote by the great theologian and physician Albert Schweitzer who said, “I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I do know; the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.” If you are looking for your happy and need to serve, come serve with us.

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