Castaway Lodge Seadrift Report by Capt. Kris Kelley

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Calm winds and good tidal movement has set up for a Troutfest from the bays to the surf, boat or wade, bait or artificial.  That’s a pretty bold recount of events over the last week. Capt. James Cunningham said there’s just a ton of Trout in the bays and it would take some really bad luck at this point to shut it down.  So, we’ll see how things progress and we certainly are optimistic.

Airboat Redfishing Trips

Capt. Chris Cady worked them over pretty good with Jimmy B. and his son Chris taking some really solid fish in tough “calm” conditions.  Chris was recovering from 3rd degree sunburn from a Jet skiing venue and they were looking for some quick limits before it got hot and they sure found them!

Flounder Gigging Report

Synopsis – still very challenged on very low tides.  Guides are working hard right now for a handful of fish by boat and walking.  Tim T. and Sabra managed limits on a walking trip with Capt. Chris Cady Friday evening.  After that it went down hill for guests of Mike J.  Capt. Pat Lester and Capt. Chris Cady have been really putting in the effort with less than limits falling to the gigs at present.  Hopefully, something will break soon.

The fishing is always best when you can get away!

Capt. Kris Kelley
Castaway Lodge

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