POC Community Center Board of Directors Meet

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New Board Member Appointed
The Port O’Connor Community Center Board of Directors held a planning meeting June 15, 2017, June 28, 2017 and July 10, 2017. Marie Hawes, Grady Jean Clark, Kathy Yearwood and Wanda Redding were present. The Board appointed some new members to fill vacant positions. Board Member Janet Johnson passed away in the Spring, leaving a hole in the board, and Board President Marie Hawes has stepped down after 17 years of service. At the June 15th meeting they voted to appoint Kelly Gee to the Board and she accepted. Jim Cooley and Chris Hanson were appointed at the June 28th meeting, and Diane Cooley was appointed at the July 10th meeting. These appointments bring the board back up to a working number allowing the board to move forward in their oversight of the POC Community Center.

The Community Center is used a great deal for community events, family gatherings, memorials, fishing tournaments and other purposes. The main building and the pavilion are used most weekends in the spring and summers and many days throughout the year.

Tuesday Seniors Lunch, Monthly Bunco, POC Community Service Club are just some of the regular meetings held at the Community Center. Our annual Warriors Weekend would be almost impossible without this valuable resource.

This use takes a toll on the building, so several repairs and updates are needed. The Board voted to make those needed changes and work should begin shortly.
The County Commissioners Office oversees the scheduling of rentals. The Board of Directors serves in an advisory and consultative capacity to maintain that committed hometown oversight of the facility.
The POC Community Center was dedicated almost 18 years ago to enrich our community and be a resource to our citizens. Several of the original group who planned and executed the funding and construction have passed away, but three founding board members remain. They will be steering the reorganization of the Board as new members are brought up to speed.

The center will continue to be available for community and rental use. The Board of Directors will continue to guide the use and conservation of the center in cooperation with the county.

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