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The Food Stamp rolls have been reduced by 1.1 million recipients since President Trump took office. Partly because of the many new jobs created in the Private Sector by the repeal of job-killing Executive Order Regulation put in place by the previous administration. The economy is growing at 2.6%, a rate the Democrats said was impossible, Obama’s best was 1.5%. Also the mere threat of enforcing existing Immigration Law has frightened some Illegal Aliens off the Welfare Programs. Non-citizens, especially “Criminal Invaders” should not receive Welfare Benefits, it only encourages more law breaking. Illegal immigration has been greatly reduced under Trump and the apprehension and deportation of criminals, starting with violent criminals, is slowly reducing their numbers.

Illegal immigration increased during July, probably encouraged by ‘Sanctuary Cities’, but still last years July numbers were 85% higher than this years, so there is marked improvement. Why the Liberal politicians in some areas want to encourage breaking established Immigration Law is a question all citizens should be asking. And don’t we have more than enough poor Americans dependent on our Welfare System without encouraging more low education indigents from other countries? Especially from cultures that do not assimilate well, if at all?

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) formally announced on July 31, the signing of 18 new 287(g) agreements throughout the state of Texas at an event in Grapevine today attended by Acting ICE Director Tom Homan and sheriffs from each of the 18 counties. The 287(g) program allows state or local law enforcement entities to enter into a partnership with ICE for delegated immigration enforcement. With the addition of these 18 agreements, ICE now has 60 active 287(g) agreements, which is nearly double the number of active programs in 2016. Calhoun County was among them, we should all thank and support Sheriff Vickery for that. Congressman Blake Farenthold proudly points out that 8 of the 18 new county Sheriffs to join the program are in his district. We do have some local leadership who are interested in protecting our citizens, economy, and our welfare programs for our poor citizens.

Protecting the Citizens and natiomal borders from invasion of any kind is the Prime Responsibility of any form of reasonable Govt. A Historical Fact that seems to be lost to the Lib/Progressives. Citizens are absolutely correct to question the motives of those that support “Open Borders” and disarming Citizens. “Hoplophobia”, the fear of citizen-soldiers, armed citizens, and weapons in general is a good indication of those Totalitarians that intend to enslave you, regardless of their stated intentions. It is not selfish or “mean-spirited” to protect our Nation, Constitution, economy, and culture that has done so much good for so many, even all around the world, in our relatively brief history.

Trump has reduced the Federal Debt by over $500 Billion with little help from many Repubs and total resistance from the Democrats, plus constant harassment and accusations from the Media. An audit of Housing and Urban Development revealed “accounting errors” totaling $519.4 BILLION during the Obama Administration. Julian Castro was the HUD Secretary at the end. HUD CFO denies any “wrong doing”, but where did the money go? That is a lot of “rounding errors”!
Even after 16 years of no rise in “Global Warming”, 11 years of no major hurricanes in the U.S., and many reports of “Govt Scientists” skewing data or outright lying, The New York Times printed more “Global Whining Hysteria” on Monday August 9th, claiming it was leaked a secret, gloomy climate change report which it published amid fears President Trump would suppress it. Not only is there considerable debate over the “info” in the report, it had been available online from the EPA website and others since January. More ‘FAKE NEWS”.

I won’t even touch on North Korea here. See my comments on the web site.

After many years of study and observation of the Liberal Progressives, I think I’ve learned the core difference between American Constitutionalists and Liberal Progressives. Constitutionalists believe in “WE the People, to form a more perfect Union …” and want to make a Govt that suits the Citizens; the Progressives want to use a highly Centralized, Totalitarian Govt to “perfect humanity” to suit their theories and agenda. They see Govt as a means of forcing their “Social Experiments” on their “subjects”. If the Citizens resist, the Lib/Progs seek to replace them with more ‘easily trainable’ immigrants and refugees. Control of the Central Govt by creating more Govt dependents amd Party-loyal ‘voters’ is their idea of “Democracy”. Please see the Website for more discussion on this, there is not the space necessary here.

Readers are encouraged to visit the Website for further discussion, sources, ask questions, and make comments.

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Bill Brayshaw

As for the Norks, since the Chinese have stated they will NOT support the Insane Fat Midget if he attacks the US or our allies, the situation has cooled somewhat.
Mostly overshadowed by the domestic insanity in Charlottesville.

The North Korean Problem is not going to “just go away” until the Kim Jong-Un is removed. His family is practically a “Religious cult” in North Korea. That won’t change without massive influence.
China is the key. China fears a US-South Korean presence on the Yalu River, but their greater fear is massive Illegal immigration (Criminal Invasion) by hysterical, ignorant, destitute North Koreans and the Insane Clown Posse of their Military Leadership. We need to make Bilateral Plan with the Chinese to minimize their concerns on our intentions, and the immediate impact on their border WHEN there is a “war” to throw out Kim & his dictatorship. I thing everyone realizes it is “WHEN” not an “IF” any more.
I think we should get with them and plan on giving them a 20km or so Defense Zone on the North Korean side of the border for their military to occupy at the start of any hostilities. They can use this are for Internment Camps for refugees and a zone to disarm any North Korean forces there or escaping from the south. Our forces will not take any military action in that zone or within 20 km of that zone without coordination with Chinese advisors. Chinese advisors should be “embedded” with out Air Traffic Control to ensure there are no “accidental Air Combat incidents”. We must understand the Chinese are very fearful and paranoid about us being on their border. Rightly so, we would be too, in a similar situation.
Kim Jong-Un is a world class “Pain in the Ass” to the Chinese as well as the rest of the world. The real problem getting rid of him is not to scare or destabilize China, or anyone else in the Area.
The only smart solution is to let South Korea absorb the “Norks”, they have the Economic capacity to do it as well as being literally “The Same People”. The problem is ensuring the united Korea will “play nice” with China. There is no reason for them not to now, other than the “bad blood” from the 1950 Korean War. But that was a different time, South Korea is an Economic Power now, and trade with China will benefit both.
It is time for “cooler heads” to prevail and not let this get into a big fight, especially with nukes. If we attack right, we can most probably destroy Kim’s nuclear offensive capability with conventional weapons in the first hour, but there may be serious nuclear radiation hazards from the Nork sources destroyed.
We must co-ordinate with the Chinese to minimize any possible threat to their people. Any targets necessary in their Border Zone must be dealt with by the Chinese. Once Kim and his nukes are neutralized, most Korean Army units in that area should probably surrender to the Chinese rather than a suicidal fight for a collapsed oppressive regime. Chinese contacts, News, and propaganda are the key to this, of course, but they must be convinced it is to their benefit also.

August 18th, 2017 at 11:18 am
Bill Brayshaw

For more data on the reduction of Illegal Immigration See: http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/melanie-arter/doj-removal-orders-illegals-rose-about-28-percent-first-6-months-trump

In my opinion the Primary Responsibility of every govt is to protect its borders, people, currency, economy, and culture. Our Federal Govt has failed miserably for over 2 decades. President Trump recognizes these Basic Truths and is trying to correct it. The “Permanent Political Class” or “Deep State” of the Federal Govt despise him for it and want to destroy his administration. He is exposing their failures, collusion with profiteers, even possible “Treason” against the Constitution, and their Oath of Office. Many are losing ‘power’, and even their jobs. The stakes are high. Certain “Cabals” and “Financial Oligarchs” are in danger of being exposed. The Mainstream Media has lost its control on the propaganda used to control a majority of the voters. The Powers-That-Be are losing their ability to manipulate the Voters just as they thought they had control of all the Identity Voters. The Sheeple are waking up.
Illegal Immigration is a Criminal Invasion. An economic, cultural, and demographic invasion to change our Constitutional Republic into a more “Central Govt”, much more ‘totalitarian’ then our founders even imagined. The principles of Freedom and Individualism are being subsumed by a constant assault of “Collectivism” by a Socialist Democrat Party hijacked by opportunistic Marxist Alinskyites.

August 18th, 2017 at 11:48 am
Bill Brayshaw

For more information on Progressives, I recommend everyone read the book “Dangerous” by Milo Yiannopoulos. It is guaranteed to offend everyone at some point, but the great point is to make everyone THINK. I can’t believe I am recommending this often outrageous, somewhat obscene, diatribe by a “Dangerous faggot”, but it really is educational!
Milo self-describes as “a Jewish faggot that loves black guys”, but he is a Conservative, a transplanted Brit Techie that loves our Constitution and actually tries to understand it. And he claims to be a “practicing Catholic”.
If you don’t already know about Milo, skip the Foreword, “So, About That Whole Drama”, until you have read most of the book. Read the Preamble: “On Freedom of Speech and Political Correctness”, even if it takes several tries and ‘Adult Beverages’. He is making a point (of sorts), and it gets much better.
If you simply can’t stand to read Milo, try Mark R. Levin’s “Rediscovering Americanism and the Tyranny of Progressivism”. It is detailed and possibly complex, with much attention to detail. If you get bogged down in the details, go back and try Milo again. But try to read them BOTH! Your “Political Sanity” may depend on it in these trying and changing times.
And please come back and comment. I just hope everyone won’t hate me for recommending Milo! And won’t be bored by Mark Levin. Both books are available at the Seadrift Library.
Or be an Educational Guerilla and ask your library to order them both. Hopefully others will read them out of curiosity and actually learn something.

August 18th, 2017 at 12:36 pm
Bill Brayshaw


Predominantly Black Dallas Group Forms To Protect Confederate Monuments

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The debate about Confederate statues in Dallas intensified on Monday as a group made up of predominantly African Americans called for the monuments to remain standing.
Several cities across America have now begun to remove or talk about removing Confederate markers shortly after a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville turned deadly.
Former city council member Sandra Crenshaw thinks removing the statues won’t help.
“I’m not intimidated by Robert E. Lee’s statue. I’m not intimidated by it. It doesn’t scare me,” said Crenshaw. “We don’t want America to think that all African Americans are supportive of this.”
Crenshaw, along with some Buffalo Solider historians and Sons of Confederate Veterans are coming together to help protect the Confederate markers from toppling over in Dallas.
They feel the monuments, like the Freedman’s Cemetery, tell an important story and help heal racial wounds.
“Some people think that by taking a statue down, that’s going to erase racism,” said Crenshaw. “Misguided.”
Here are citizens, loyal Americans trying to solve problems rather than raise hell, riot, get on TV, and make things worse. These folks are doing more to defuse and marginalize the “White Supremacists” and damn Nazis than all the “huffing & puffing” of Socialist Democrats and anti-Trump RINOs put together! Thank God, for people with common sense!
Ms. Crenshaw is a black lady that realizes that all the threats and hate against southern history and anti-white rhetoric from demented Progressives in politics and academia is only encouraging the frustrated, frightened, and increasingly demented white people to turn to these hateful and Anti-American organizations that had disappeared in the 80s & 90s!
The Nazis are National Socialist totalitarians, and the KKK also want a totalitarian govt. They are really just the “flip-side” of the Lib/Progressive Socialist Democrat coin! All anti American, anti-Constitution, anti- capitalist, and anti-Christian, but they all want a Totalitarian Centralist Govt that will rule rough-shod over ALL the People! To Hell with them all!

I’ll bet the Soros funded bus loads of Left-wing Domestic Terrorists from Antifa and BLM will have to mind their manners if they come to Dallas, and the KKK and Nazis won’t even dare to show up! Even if Soros and friends hire the buses for them!!

August 18th, 2017 at 1:38 pm
Bill Brayshaw

President Donald Trump thanked his former White House strategist Steve Bannon for his service after he left the administration on Friday.

“I want to thank Steve Bannon for his service,” Trump wrote on Twitter on Saturday morning. “He came to the campaign during my run against Crooked Hillary Clinton – it was great! Thanks S.”

(But the “Reality” is not so rosy. Bannon vows to fight for Trump and the success of his administration but also says:)

“The Trump presidency that we fought for, and won, is over,” Bannon told the Weekly Standard. “We still have a huge movement, and we will make something of this Trump presidency. But that presidency is over. It’ll be something else. And there’ll be all kinds of fights, and there’ll be good days and bad days, but that presidency is over.”

(He admitted that his frustration with the Republican establishment was part of the reasons he left the White House.)

“The Republican establishment has no interest in Trump’s success on this,” he said. “They’re not populists, they’re not nationalists, they had no interest in his program. Zero.”

Bannon ridiculed the “half-hearted attempt” at replacing Obamacare and found the malaise on infrastructure discouraging. He predicted that the tax cuts would be the “standard Republican version.”
I think Bannon is a little too pessimistic – a lot of ‘goals’ are on hold, but I hope not abandoned. Bannon is dead right that the ‘Repub Establishment’ hate Trump worse than the Dem/Socialists. The “Deep State” is real and is a real enemy, not only of Trump, but the Constitution & the American People. And the Repub Establishment is more loyal to the Deep State than anything else. The GOP doe NOT want to govern by the planks of their own declared Platform, but are happy with the Status Quo, bilking millions of donations from Americans, while only pretending to fight the Lib/Progress Globalists and Marxists of the Socialist Democrat Party. There is no “American” Democrat Party any longer. And the “Mainstream Media” belongs whole-heartedly to the Left. Even FOX has shifted to ‘The Dark Side’. Drudge seems to hate Bannon and Breitbart, so all that is left is Breitbart and a host of smaller sites.

Megan Kelly flopped horribly after she turned on the old Fox News & Roger Ailes. The Liberal print medias are all dying and most of the TV News Libs are struggling, but they don’t seem to care. They think they are winning and destroying Trump.
But Trump is not “The Leader” of the Constitutional Conservative Movement, he is only “a guy that jumped to the head of the Parade”, became popular for what he SAID, but has no track-record, or even a true understanding of our principles. Trump is totally expendable if he fails. He is a popular figure-head. His failure means little to our basic principles. And by destroying Trump with false accusations and lies, using violent anti-American radicals to attack him, will probably attract more and more people to our side. Trump being “martyred” for the cause may be his “highest and best use”.
He has exposed the Socialist Democrats for what they really are, forced Soros & friends to spend millions on violent thugs, and “outed” many Professors as the Anti-American Marxist idiot Ideologues, like we long suspected. 3 major victories right there.
He has also saved us from the Clinton Crime Family, repealed the worst of the Obama Executive Orders, reduced the Criminal Invasion on our southern border, got us out of the Paris Climate Change Boondoggle, and turned the Economy back to growth. Hopefully people will recognize these. Obamacare will die of its own weight. China is finally interested in controlling North Korea. The Islamofascists are running wild in Europe, but fairly quiet here. The Nazis & KKK are are growing as Domestic Terrorist, but that is recognized as a bad reaction to the Marxists, Antifa, BLM, and BAMN; all are Anti-American and I think the vast majority of Americans will see that. The more The Lib/Progs and their Media propagandists try to excuse “their violent feral pets”, the more the voters will reject them. Any honest investigation into these Domestic Terrorist Groups will expose people like George Soros and the Clintons that need to be exposed, destroyed, and imprisoned.

All in all, pretty damn good for 7 months of “A Failed Presidency”.

August 19th, 2017 at 11:59 am
Bill Brayshaw

This demonstrates the true attitude of the Radical Left. Antifa and others are going to more than “offend” real Americans, and hopefully they will DEMAND criminal investigations, including the sources of their financing, paid organizers, and transportation & payment of these thugs.

August 19th, 2017 at 12:18 pm
Bill Brayshaw

We are coming up on a big fight in Congress over the Budget, so let’s take a look at President Trumps record on the Debt: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/08/another-record-president-trump-cuts-more-us-debt-for-a-longer-period-of-time-than-any-president-in-us-history/

“It’s Now Official – No President in US History has Cut More from the US Federal Debt for a Longer Period of Time than President Donald J. Trump.

President Trump now can claim the longest and largest decrease of US Federal Debt in US history.

When President Trump was inaugurated on January 20, 2017 the amount of US Federal Debt owed both externally and internally was over $19 Trillion at $19,947,304,555,212. As of August 17th the amount of US Debt had decreased by more than $100 Billion to $19,845,188,460,167.
The amount of US Debt Held by the Public decreased each year from 1999, 2000 and 2001 but the amount Intergovernmental Debt Holdings increased at larger amounts during this period.
A review of the amount of (unaudited) of US Debt outstanding back through the Civil War shows that the last time the US Federal Government had a debt decrease between years was when Republican Eisenhower was President in 1957 and 1958. He cut the amount of US Debt by $2 Billion each year from $274 Billion in 1956 to $273 Billion in 1957 and again to $271 Billion in 1958.

No President besides President Donald Trump has cut the amount of US Debt by $100 Billion ever.

(Note that this will not be shared by CNN, the Failing NYT or the Washington Post as they are too busy reporting on former President Obama’s race war.)”
See the site for charts and more info.
Clinton did NOT cut the Federal Debt, only the amount of “Public Held Debt” was shifted to “Intergovt Debt Holdings” my the “magic” of Liberal Bookkeeping. The Federal debt still grew was was slowed.
Also note: Even after a year of wild spending by the Democrat controlled Congress, the Federal Debt was $10.011 Trillion at the end of 2008. It rose to $19.560 Trillion at the end of 2016. Also in 2008 the debt rose $i.018 Trillion, about twice the annual increases during the other years of the Bush Admin, even during the height of the War Against Terror. All numbers are given for the end of the Fiscal Year, Sept 30.

August 20th, 2017 at 5:56 pm

And my favorite fake news of the week, go ahead and laugh Bill, we all need it:

August 28th, 2017 at 8:35 am

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