My neighbors Parker and Patty are always telling me how proud they are to be a part of Port O’Connor, Texas. They say it is a great community and so friendly.

Their youngest great-granddaughter is starting Kindergarten this month. The oldest granddaughter’s baby girl just turned five and can’t wait to go to ‘big school with her sissy and bubby.

She was recently at Patty’s house and they uncovered an old keepsake box. Inside was a green and blue plaid schoolgirl dress with a white collar and old-fashioned smocking. Each of Patty and Parker’s four daughters had worn the dress to their first days of school.

Almost 60 years later the style seemed back in fashion and the great granddaughter begged to try it on her little girl. Pronounced a perfect fit, they delivered it to the laundry for washing and pressing in preparation for wearing.

Even at just five years old, little Polly understood the dress had been her Grammie’s when she was a little girl. Her Grammie is a 30+ year teacher, but of course, has not seen the dress since her little sister wore it years ago. Young Polly and her mother came up with a plan for Gammie. They took an early ‘back to school’ photo of the newest schoolgirl in the dress and will be sending a copy to each of the aunties who wore it and to Gammie. They plan to have it in the mail to surprise them just before Patty’s daughters begin their new school year, because when they start next week, #1 teaches nursing, #2 teaches elementary Math and Reading, #3 teaches Science and #4 teaches dance in her own studio. That little school dress must make little girls love school and learning and wow, won’t they be surprised to get that fun reminder from a new generation of schoolgirls just starting out in their days of learning. What a family legacy of learning. I hope you have a special day on the first day of your new school year too!

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