POC Community Center Board of Directors Meet

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The Port O’Connor Community Center Board of Directors is pleased to announce the July meeting of the new Board of Directors was full of good news and success. President Kathy Yearwood reports that some much needed repairs and updates are underway but may not be completed until cooler Fall weather allows some of the projects to move forward. The community groups and organizations using the Community Center routinely should be aware that repairs of the outer doors will include new locks and rekeying to enhance security. If you have a need for the new key, please see Board Member Wanda Redding at the POC Hardware Store prior to your event. The keys will need to be returned after each use and picked up again for the next event to allow equal and secure access for all parties using the Community Center facilities. All rentals and reservations will still be made through April at the County Commissioners Office, 361-785-3141. All reservations will require a signed use contract prior to any scheduled event, and groups using the building routinely are asked to update their agreement when new officers are elected or new individuals are using the center. Those will be available at the Seadrift Commissioners Office, The POC Hardware Store, or from a local Board Member.

It is the intent of the Board to make our POC Community Center available to all community events and individuals in a fair and equitable manner and to maintain the building and resources at the highest level possible. We are working closely with the county to safeguard the building, contents and resources for the benefit of our community. The original gift from the donors making the center possible specified that our community youth and citizens should be the beneficiaries of the center. The youth room, the large room and the kitchen as well as the pavilion are to be used for that purpose. We hope that the POC Community Center will continue to be a gathering place for community events and organizations for many years to come. All groups and individuals who utilize the center will need to partner with the Board, the County and the community to preserve and maintain the POC Community Center. We look forward to working together.

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