Saltwater Lodge Outdoor Report by Captain Jeff Larson

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Fishing with Capt. Jeff Larson - (L to R): Capt. Larson and wife Dawn, Kristin Vance and Janette Yanchak

Fishing with Capt. Jeff Larson – (L to R): Capt. Larson and wife Dawn, Kristin Vance and Janette Yanchak

HOT! HOT! HOT! That pretty much sums up the Dog Days of Summer Fishing on the Texas Gulf Coast. The fishing is Hot! The weather is Hot! Night Time is even Hot! We are hitting the water before sunrise, so we won’t burst into flames. I caught a trout the other day and it was so hot it was already boiled so I squeezed a lime on it and ate it for lunch. All kidding aside, August is a Hot Month, this August has been especially warm. This time of year and with the intense mid day heat can challenge a fisherman in so many ways. As a guide, we like to get out early and get back early. Once the Sun pops up over the horizon, burns up the clouds and starts heating up the water, the fish start making their move to deeper water to cool off or remain cool. If you fish mid day, just a reminder, take plenty of water and stay hydrated.
The early morning bite continues to be really good with the incoming tides. Shorelines with subtle drop offs to deeper water are a key to filling stringers for waders. The Boat Fishermen are concentrating over deep reefs that are located off the shoreline in the middle of the bay. We are also checking above ground structures, ie wells, scattered all over the waters in the bay.

The surf is another great place when the weather is right. When you fish the surf you must pay attention to the waves of course but also the current. For instance, if the surf is marginal to even attempt to fish between the 1st and 2nd guts after you set anchor make sure the current doesn’t pull your boat around so that you are parallel to the Beach or Sand Bars. The breakers, or even 1 rogue wave can break into your boat which in turn can capsize it or sink it. Ask around the POC docks, there are plenty of guides that can give you close encounters of how dangerous the surf can be on any given day.
Rounding the Jetties can be a daunting task. That’s a whole other danger.This month alone there has been several drowning victims in the Passes and Surf. So one must be very observant of their surroundings and conditions.

The Passes of Texas that scatter down the coast are and have been a great place to fish. Those spots are where the fish flow in and out of the bay. They are also very dangerous due to extreme currents and shifting sand. We all know this and there are warning signs all around these areas for people to read and make their own decision if the risk is worth the reward. My point is we should not close these places to the public due to a few unfortunate drownings. I believe the State does a great job warning the public of the dangers of fishing around the Passes that lead out into the Gulf. I was a little irritated that there is a proposal to close areas around passes that I used to fish years ago. There shouldn’t be any beach closures. Fishermen should have access to every inch of the coastline as long as they have their fishing license. I don’t think closing areas is the answer. Maybe there should be different colored flags flown in the areas of concern that show the level of dangerous currents passing through the Passes. I see it in other coastal areas around the U.S. plus in other Countries. It’s like snow skiing, Green Slopes are easier (safer) than the Black Double Diamond (you have to be crazy to be here) but proceed with caution.

As Texans and fishing license holders we should all have a vote not just a say on area closures while a select few force feed us their agenda. Rant Over.
Just to summarize mid coast fishing. Live shrimp and Croaker seem to be the best live bait to catch a limit of trout. Piggies seem to catch bigger trout at Times but don’t get the attention like the Shrimp and Croaker. Mud Minnows are great for flounder and reds. Cut Mullet and Crab are the BEST dead baits for reds.
Artificial Baits, Go with what you have the most confidence in. We have been throwing Down South Lures over the reefs and along the shoreline to box Trout, Reds and Flounder, The ol’ Texas Slam.

Get your calendars out! Cast and Blast Season is approaching us like a freight train. Dove, Teal, Rails, Snipe, Geese are on their way. Alligators are there for the taking as well. Get with your Buddies or Family and let’s make a plan.

You can call Scott at 361 785 3825 to confirm your fishing and hunting combo.

Stay Hydrated, Fish often and Get Ready for Hunting Season.

Captain Jeff Larson
281 217 0399

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