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The POC Community Service Club enters a new year of work and service beginning with officer elections at our first September meeting. On September 7, 2017 Service Club Members will vote for new officers, pay their annual $5 dues, and begin planning their busy fall and winter calendar. Our Fall Garage Sale is October 7, the annual Senior Christmas Luncheon is December 1, and the POC Toy Run is December 2. Lots of work and lots of fun for everyone. Come prepared to chair a committee, take on a job or head up some part of one of these projects. We need all our members to be involved. It is still not too late to nominate someone for the officers’ election. If you are a member and want to suggest someone for an officer, please call or email Diane Cooley, Marianne Claiborne or Kelly Gee. Your voice counts.

Please remember to pick up a few extra school supplies for those students who need a little help or those teachers who have a new student not quite prepared. You can drop off those supplies at Speedy Stop or POC Elementary. Thanks for helping our kids. They are our future.

Hopefully with summer’s end you will find time to clean out those closets and straighten up those storage sheds. When you find extra items you no longer need, please consider donating them to the next Service Club Garage Sale set for October 7th at the Pavilion. If you need help donating please call Linda Orrick at 719-650-3433, Diane Cooley at 903-467-6335 or Marie Hawes at 361-920-2322. Proceeds from the garage sale fund our scholarships and community projects. Thanks for helping.

So, until next time, be safe, live simply, love openly, forgive generously and remember this quote by the great bishop and social rights activist Desmond Tutu who said, “Do your little bits of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.” Bring your little bit, put it with our little bit and we will be overwhelming together.

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