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Posted by Joyce Rhyne on 17 Aug 17 - 0 Comments

Thank goodness once in awhile something happens to renew your faith in your fellow man.

With everything in the news harping on all the ‘isims’ and ‘phobias’ and everyone seeming to be offended by everything these days it is easy to think people just don’t care about each other anymore. Be assured, it isn’t true.

My husband and I were on our way back to Seadrift when we had a flat tire in front of the DOW chemical plant on Hwy 185. My husband was wrestling with the lug nuts (always tightened with an air wrench in a garage, and always needing to be loosened on the road somewhere in the Texas heat with an almost useless little lug wrench that comes with your vehicle.)

As progress was slowly being made, a pickup stopped behind us and two guys immediately offered their assistance. Things went from bad to worse, and a third man showed up to help and eventually, we were on our way.

These guys made the difference between an unfortunate delay and what might have been an all day nightmare. They wouldn’t take any payment for their good deed either.

If you three guys read this, you have our sincere thanks and gratitude. You went way beyond being just good Samaritans, it was evident you really cared about helping us out of our mishap.

Thank you guys, from a couple of 70 year olds in Seadrift.

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