Officer Montero Now Certified Sniper

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Seadrift Officer Robert Montero

Seadrift Officer Robert Montero

Earlier this year, Officer Robert Montero received training and earned his qualification to be a member of Calhoun County’s Sheriff’s Department SWAT team. Pursuing even more expertise in his field, Officer Montero went on to attend the Police Urban Sniper School and is now a certified sniper, the only sniper on the SWAT team.

His training consisted of high angle shooting from rooftops, interior buildings, vehicles, and multiple threat engagements made from 5 to 500 yards.

In addition to Officer Montero’s duties on the Seadrift Police Department, he is on call 24 hours a day to respond to SWAT operations.

Officer Montero joined the Seadrift Police force two years ago after 14 years of high risk security operations with the Department of Defense. At the August 1st City Council meeting, Police Chief Leonard Bermea presented Officer Montero his sniper pin and remarked to those assembled what an asset the officer has been to the department.

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