Ninth Annual Chili/Gumbo Cookoff by Sue Kubecka

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Although Harvey tried very hard to make a spectacular appearance in Port O’Connor, he left without causing too much damage. The normal utilities that one takes for granted were down; i.e., electricity, water, sewage were unavailable for some time; however, all have been restored although vehicular gasoline is somewhat limited. But the good news is that the 9th Annual Chili/Gumbo Cookoff will proceed as planned on Saturday, October 28, 2017 at Hooper’s Bar and Grill on Maple Street.

If any of our readers has had the experience of attending prior Cookoffs, he/she will remember fondly the fun and total enjoyment available at such an event. And the kibitzer has often the opportunity to meet and greet the chefs, possibly obtain an idea of how the winning recipe is created, and sample the gumbo and chili dishes that are being offered.

Following the sampling of all recipes by a group of brave judges, Hoop will announce the winners of each class. And then the silent auction will take place as created and sponsored by members of Friends of the Library. There are some outstanding items to win including a kayak, special designer sun glasses, Yeti items, and a spectacularly designed and sewn quilt wall hanging as made by a local resident.

So, as you drive down or up Maple Street, and you become vibrantly aware of some totally delicious cooking aromas, do plan to stop and see what this excitement is all about. And, once again, Hoop will be giving all monies earned to benefit our new library. Despite Harvey, ground will be breaking shortly for the new building.

Tickets for the raffle can be purchased in a book of 5 for $20 or a single ticket for $5. Many local merchants have books of these tickets for sale including Hoop at Hooper’s Bar & Grille; Sister’s Gift Shop across from Froggies; Sylvia’s Hair Salon on West Monroe; Teresa’s Nail & Hair on the highway; Josie’s Restaurant; our Library, POC Rod and Gun on Byers Street; and Hurricane Junction.

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