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Port O’Connor Community Service Club is home and happy to be here. We did not have our new officer elections due to the interruption of Hurricane Harvey. We got together to catch up and fellowship on Thursday, September 7th. We will pay our annual dues, elect our new slate of officers and get to work on our Fall projects at our Thursday, September 21 meeting at 10:00 AM at the Community Center. All interested women are welcome. It would be a great time to join this group because we have several fun and important projects coming up.

Our October 7th Community Garage Sale is on! We will be selling home baked goodies and generously donated quality used goods to support our scholarship fund and other projects. We will price in a way that those who need to replace hurricane damaged goods can reasonably find what they need. We are also able to help families and children in need of clothing or personal care items needed now, in the days after the storm. If you or someone you know has a need for these things, they can get them now by calling Kelly Gee at 817-929-2564, or coming to our October Garage Sale and making one of the ladies in turquoise shirts aware of what they need. We take pride in reaching out to our community, so please let us know where there are needs we can help meet.

School is finally back in session, and our little learners couldn’t be happier. POC Service Club provided two new soccer goals to POC Elementary, and we continue to volunteer in classrooms and for teachers in need of help. If you have some spare hours in your week, come volunteer with us. Reading with early readers, offering encouragement for those needing a little boost, or prepping materials for classroom use are just some of the areas open for volunteering. Stop by the POC Elementary School office and complete a single page information sheet to become a volunteer. It is fun and rewarding to see those young minds and bodies grow and learn. Don’t forget to drop off any school supplies you might have collected before the hurricane. Our students and teachers will really appreciate your help and supplies will be put to good use.

The Service Club Christmas Luncheon is set for Friday, December 1, 2017 at the Community Center. Stay tuned for special details.

We find ourselves grateful and amazed that our little community endured so much so very well. Neighbors helped each other and strangers were quick to lend a hand. So, after gratitude comes action. Meet a neighbor you did not know, greet a friend you haven’t seen, and lend a hand to someone just because you can. The POC Service Club is not the only opportunity to serve in this town. Find your spot and be a part of our community. Each one of us can make a difference.

So, until next time, be safe, live simply, love openly, forgive generously and remember this quote by great author and motivator Sally Koch who said, “Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day.”

Opportunists welcome at POC Service Club.

Thank You, Danny!

The POC Service Club Members want to take a minute to thank one of our own. Danny Bourg worked tirelessly with hometown and out-of-town crews to get our town back up and running. He was out early and stayed late, he treated us like neighbors and friends and gave to our community making it possible for us to have electricity sooner and safely. His sweet wife Madeline, a tireless worker herself, rarely saw him for days.

We appreciate every single lineman from VEC and all the other groups who worked so hard! Thank you!

Still, we especially thank, appreciate and love Danny for his dedication, work ethic, stamina and inside knowledge that powered POC promptly!
Bless you Danny Bourg! You Make us POC Proud!

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