POC Relief Team Lighthouse

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Part of the POC Relief Team Lighthouse

Part of the POC Relief Team Lighthouse

Posted on Facebook by Stephanie Shepherd

This trip was such a blessing. We packed up donations and our heavy hearts and headed South, unsure of what to expect–but with the intention to help whomever we could. We came to the coast not knowing anyone and left with lasting friendships and full hearts. It was an honor to serve Port O’Connor, Tivoli and Seadrift and meet such kind-hearted, appreciative people. We cried with people that lost their homes and laughed with each other to keep our spirits high. The damage was heart breaking to see in person and though it seemed overwhelming, we all banned together and did what we needed to do to help who we could. I saw God’s work manifested through each and every person in this group and did not hear one complaint the entire trip, despite the long, hot days and hundreds of thousands of baby pterodactyl mosquitoes. I truly could not have asked to spend the last 4 days with a better group of people. Everyone was so positive and had a shared goal to do as much as we could in the short time we were there. (It also helped that everyone had a great sense of humor, as well.) The locals were so hopeful, despite the suffrage they have endured. Some people lost everything, but were still asking what they could do to help US. It was a humbling experience on so many levels. It restored my faith in humanity and reminded me that even in tragedy, our God is GOOD. Please keep all of those affected in your prayers, for they have a long road of recovery ahead of them. Texas has proven that it is resilient and full of grit and I am SO proud to be a part of this great state.

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