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Posted by Joyce Rhyne on 19 Oct 17 - 0 Comments

To All Concerned:

I would like to start by Personally saying, “Thank You” to Lydia & Marvin Strakos for putting together a benefit/raffle fund-raiser for me and my medical expenses. Also, “Thank You” to everyone who donated items and/or purchased tickets. This will help in ways you wouldn’t believe possible.

I would also like to thank my family & friends (many I never have met) for their support through everything. There are too many people to individually list, so “Thank You” to all.

God bless you all.

Nancy Harborth

Editor, Dolphin Talk,

It seems part of the news is dominated by the “protests” by NFL players, who have decided to kneel, sit or not even show up for the playing of the National Anthem before their games. Because some of our children look up to these athletes, we see this disrespect of the flag and Anthem trickling down to them. Most often these “protesters” cite the racial inequality in our country as their cause. That might be noble, but it is the wrong way to make your point.

If these athletes would do their research, they would understand exactly why Francis Scott Key penned those specific words to the “Star Spangled Banner”. Those words came to him through the night in September, 1812, as he watched British warships pound the American stronghold with cannons throughout the night. This young country was once again fighting hard to preserve the vision of freedom that had inspired the Revolution only 30 years before. He was deeply moved by the brave defenders who were willing to give their very lives to make sure “that our flag was still there”, which signaled to all that our cause was still alive.

Since that night . . . time and again, our military and other heroes have fought valiantly to protect that vision of building the United States of America into a shining beacon of freedom and opportunity. Our flag and our National Anthem have become our unified recognition . . . and thank you . . . for the kind of heroism which allowed this country to be formed in the first place, and that has allowed it to remain the most broadly successful example of “people’s rule” to ever shine on the Earth.

Are we perfect? Far from it, but standing tall when the anthem is played and the flag raised is not our blind agreement that all is well. Rather, it is our opportunity to pause for a few minutes and stand together in respect for those who gave their lives so that we could continue to try to get better as a nation, and as individuals.

Yes, we are flawed, but all those brave fighters over the past 200+ years didn’t turn back because of those flaws. They charged into battle, gave their lives and limbs in protection of a purpose larger than themselves.

Those 2-3 minutes are not for you, or me, or any of us. They are dedicated to those who served and those who died to give you that right.

You don’t have to agree with everything that is going on to be a true American. But it is not asking much for you . . . and all of us . . . to set aside our grievances and disagreements for 2-3 minutes and stand together to honor those who died so we could live free.

Terry Koehler

Attention, POC U.S.P.O. Mailbox Holders:

A postal worker in our local post office lectured me about how to put a box number somewhere in an address; she would not listen as I tried to explain those options are not always available online. Plus, I have had companies favor the physical address even when the box number was entered in the mailing address option. That is what just happened when FEMA sent us our benefit check for Hurricane Harvey. My husband received a phone call from FEMA saying they sent us our check, but it kept coming back!

We had previous problems of lost and delayed bills and a package having been sent back. My husband complained to the postmaster in Victoria. The postmaster said that they look up the recipient to find out their box number and deliver the mail. He could do nothing about our P.O.’s choice to refuse to deliver mail without a box number because it is not technically illegal.

Your money and everything else may be out there – it’s just going to take a while for you to receive it.

A Dissatisfied Customer

Working Together

Seeing our friends and neighbors pitch in to clean up and rebuild our area and surrounding communities following Hurricane Harvey came as no surprise to the Friends of the Library. This same spirit and can-do attitude has resulted in our ability to announce the ground breaking for the new library.

Thanks to our volunteers and generous donors, ground breaking for Phase 1 of the new Port O’Connor Library will be held October 27, 2017. This first phase will include all site work, foundation work and erection of the building.

The Friends will continue to work diligently to raise the funds needed for the second and final phase of the project which is estimated to be $150,000. It will be with our generous community’s support, as well as grants and in-kind donations, that we will complete this project and provide a new and improved library for Port O’Connor.

We look forward to this exciting event for Port O’Connor and sincerely hope that you will join us on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27, 10 AM at 506 West Main, Port O’Connor, Texas.


Ursula Price, President
Friends of the Port O’Connor Library



We Need RO System

The letter to the Dolphin Talk from the POC ID made it  sound like that all of the directors were out in the field working, that is not true.  There was only one and that was Nathan ONeill who did a good job of helping get the system up and running.  One of the directors told one of the workers that he needed his sewer fixed first and that he was a director.  I say that I am sorry Mr. Director you get waited on last because you are a public servant.  El Presidente was not even in town and where was the other two, who knows.  U S Water would have done a great job if they were allowed to bring a crew, but instead they were told to stand down.  What are the plans for the next emergency and what will it be?  Do the directors know what effect the highways: 59, 35,185, 1289, and 238 could have on the people of Port O’Connor?  All these highways cross our water supply at some point.  If an 18 wheeler carrying chemicals has a wreck and spills their load on certain parts of these highways we could be without water for quite a while, just look at what just happened to Corpus Christi not long age.

If we had an Reverse Osmosis (RO) system in place all we would have to do is close the valve from GBRA and we would still have safe water.  Also our water supply from GBRA runs right through the Dow Chemical Plant, if they have a spill in the right spot we are out of water.  It runs through a lot of farm land.  We need to make sure we have safe water.

Our water is safe at this time but accidents can happen.  We need the RO system that the voters voted for in the tax bonds issue.  It seems that 3 of the directors are not even thinking about this issue at this time.

You can’t just put an RO system in overnight.  The quicker it is put in the quicker we can make sure that we will have a safe water supply.  A safe water supply should b a top priority at this time.  I don’t want to gamble when it comes to having safe drinking water.  If you don’t want to gamble either then you need to let your directors know now.

Teddy Hawes

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