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This will be my sixth year writing this column in the month of October and this year I figured I would try and give this month’s column it’s usually ‘spooky’ spin by talking about possible paranormal experiences I have had in my life and encourage all of you to share yours with me either via the Letters to the Dolphin section of this paper or via email.

Some of you might recall me mentioning a website I have written for and created entitled News From the Spirit World, which not only reports the weird and unusual side of things, but also tries to look at the paranormal with a clear, yet open, mind, as there are way more fakes and frauds out there than there is any real evidence, but there are some intriguing and well documented cases that do make you wonder if you’re in the right sort of mood.

More interesting is that almost everyone has some strange event that occurred to them or perhaps to someone they know or a family member, and sometimes like the above, most can be explained away but there are some that make you stop and imagine if there is more to the universe that what we can see in front of us every day.
On a previous occasion in this column I have told you about my early visits to the infamous Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery in Illinois, where the whole place seemed to have a different feeling to it while I was just above it’s small pond up on the road one night, and the weird effect it had on me stayed with me for a couple hours after I left, like I was on a drug of some kind and I was only a kid at the time really and stone sober.

The second would be just after returning to Illinois the first time after living in El Paso while still in high school. A woman had come back with us and was staying in the home where I had found my grandmother dead in her bedroom when I was about eight years old.

She said an older woman with a shock of very curly hair had come to her in the night and asked her what she was doing in her house. I was skeptical, but she kept saying it for a few weeks and then it clicked. She was staying in the same room my grandmother had died in and it was indeed for decades, her house.

Grabbing some family photos, I found a good close up of my grandmother and showed her the picture. She said it was the same older woman who had told her to leave the house, a classic ghost story sort of tale that occurred in my real day to day life.

Do any of you have any spooky tales to share from you or your family? Let us know or you can email me at:

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