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Friday, October 13th around 3:00 a.m., fire destroyed the shop and contents at the home and business of John “Killer” Williams and Linda Tippett. The owners and operators of a busy shrimp boat, RV park, seafood market and bait suppliers lost the equipment, tools and supplies vital to their work. Shrimp nets and all the accompanying gear needed for shrimp and bait fishing, all the tools needed for repair and maintenance of the home businesses and the RV park were lost in the fire. Thankfully, local Volunteer Fire Chief Nathan O’Neill and VFD member Marshall Bryant were able to save the family home. Chief O’Neill described how they took a defensive position between the blaze and the house. With only two responders to the advanced fire, they had a tough time maintaining their position, but received help from Port Lavaca Fire Department and the home was saved. Linda Tippett expressed great appreciation for our Volunteers and was beyond grateful that they saved her home.

This disaster brings challenges to this Port O’Connor family. Their work, their business interests and their livelihood are threatened by the loss of the required equipment. Our town is the kind of town where neighbors help neighbors and friends reach out to those in need. Maybe you have an extra hammer, a spare set of sockets or other tools you could donate to this family and their business. You could even have surplus or gently used shrimping or commercial fishing gear you could give to this hardworking businessman so he could continue to operate a successful business. Maybe you would like to make a donation towards their recovery. Fundraising efforts will be announced soon.

Donated items may be brought to Dolphin Talk office, 2232 Monroe. 361-983-4667

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