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Wading is a great way to fill an ice chest. You can key in on certain spots and understand the lay of the land. -Capt. Jeff Larson

Wading is a great way to fill an ice chest. You can key in on certain spots and understand the lay of the land.
-Capt. Jeff Larson

We are getting the cold fronts we definitely need for a promising Waterfowl Season. The Farmers Almanac is predicting a colder Winter this year. I prefer hunting in flip flops and shorts but it looks like I will be breaking out the AFTCO, Simms and Sitka Gear more this hunting season. I usually get asked if these systems are worth the money. YES! Every stitch of my clothing is worth every dime I spend on it. All the way to the undies. Here’s what you do to acquire these expensive items , get a list together of the items you need and want. Budget for them in the order of importance to you. Hey, if somebody ask you what you want for your Birthday or Christmas, let ‘em know they can help keep you warm this winter, if that doesn’t work, well, start a Go Fund Me account.

October was a good month for fishing. We caught a bunch of fish right after every cold front. Weather patterns and fish patterns are transitioning like clock work. Flounder Gigging is about to wrap up and we saw more flounder boats than fish on the last night. Actually, Floundering was epic in October. I believe the cycle is still on the up swing for numbers of Flounder in our Bay Systems. The obvious debate is the limit structure and closing a method of harvest that has been open for years. Which is really restrictive and unfair to the sportsman. Unless there is a Flounder Census conducted by Neptune himself, who really knows what is accurate. Its like my old Statistics Professor said in College, you can make the numbers say what you want for either side of the coin.

The guys on the water every day have a better grasp of the cycle. Many Legends of the Flounder Game (Old Time Commercial Fishermen) that I have personally interviewed say it’s a cycle from mother nature. Even when there wasn’t any limits on Flounder you didn’t always go out and load the boat. Now, I do love the old stories about the night they almost sank the boat with so many flounder, grinning from ear to ear, as they tell ya their story. The old Commercial Fishermen eyes sparkle and you know they are telling you the truth.

Man, that would be nice to experience a loaded boat just once. Due to stiffer regulations, you can put your limit in a 30 quart cooler, unless you have some Bigs. And for the Snowflake tree huggers that are crying,  many of those flounder went to market, family and the community for people in need of a fish fry to help pay for unforeseen expenses. It wasn’t a game hog issue. It was a fishing community sharing their good fortune with their fellow neighbors. These Legendary Commercial Fishermen were and still are pillars of the community.

November started off with a BANG! The rut is in full swing. We are seeing Big Bucks sparring and chasing does morning, noon and night. We have seen some nice deer taken in the past several weeks.

Duck Season is in full swing. We all know how we live to see those feathery flocks fall from the sky and splash in the decoys we just set out moments ago. The duck numbers are up and we are seeing limits of birds taken on a daily basis. Tons of Pintails, Widgeon and Gadwall. Teal are numerous as well. Blues, Greens and an occasional Cinnamon. You have to be living right and lucky to strap a Cinnamon. So far this year is shaping up to be a record breaker, despite Harvey and the rebuilding from the storm’s aftermath.

Hey Folks we have Billy Rhyne coming on board to field your calls and take your reservations at the Lodge.

NOTICE the new reservation line :
(713) 907 4796
Please note the new number change.

Looking for Big Bucks and lots of Ducks,

Captain Jeff Larson




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