Seadrift Halloween Costume Contest Winners

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Ages 0 to 3 years
1st place: Paiske Maikoetter
2nd place: Bently Mantinde
3rd place: Brooklyn Vasquez
Ages 3 to 6 years
1st place: Kambrie Watkins
2nd place: Graysen Bernal
3rd place: Harper Jordan
Ages 7 to 12 years
1st place: Sarah Armbuster
2nd place: Kyndall Gray
3rd place: Brilee Crittenden
Ages 13 to 14 years
1st place: Caleb Lehtirin
2nd place: Meghan Sparks
3rd place: Alex Morgan
1st place: Rodney Guice
2nd place: Jason Brumfield
3rd place: Leslie Shirhall

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