Warm Chili & Warm Hearts on a Cold Day

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Posted by Joyce Rhyne on 14 Dec 17 - 0 Comments

The fundraiser for Linda T and John ‘Killer’ Williams rebuild of the burned barn was a big success. Chilly weather meant warm chili tasted really great. Thanks to all the friends and neighbors who drove in and donated, and enjoyed the food. All the donations go directly to the rebuild thanks to the incredible generosity of several including Bubba Conran at Bubba’s Smokehouse who prepared the chili meat free of charge, the many who donated meat and supplies listed below, the outstanding cooks and dishwashers of First Baptist Church and those who worked Friday evening in the cold to make sure each donor was served fresh hot chili. Blessings to all of you who helped and those who donated. Linda and Killer want you to know how much they appreciate you and count it a joy to be a part of a community like this.

Thanks especially to: David Walker, Noral McCauley, Julie and Chase Thomas, Donnie Klesel, Weslie Mollere and Eric Chance, Kirk and Joanie Morgan, Jim and Diane Cooley, those amazing FBC Women, Josie’s Cantina and others surely missed. Your kind-heartedness made the evening possible. -Kelly Gee

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