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Because of our physical location along the Texas gulf coast, the only thing predictable in December is the unpredictability of the weather – it can be either cold or warm on any given day of the month. But the fishing, however, should be downright “HOT” this month. The water is in good shape, the salinity levels are back to normal for this time of the year, and our bays have managed to maintain more than favorable levels of baitfish throughout the year. This has been a fantastic year for fishing, and we should almost certainly be able to look forward to some incredible wintertime catches as we move forward into the colder months of the year.

As the days get colder, so shall the fish. Yes, the fish actually get cold, too. So much, in fact, that their body functions undergo adjustments during cold weather which leaves them moving much slower and eating a lot less often. That’s why you should slow your retrieve quite a bit once bay waters have become chilly, and it is also why you slow the speed at which you wade a cold-water shoreline.

We’ll probably experience some prominent frontal passages in December that could be supported by some pretty hefty winds as they
blow through the coastal bend area When this happens, wait until the second or third day following the actual passage of the frontal system before getting back out on the water. Wind conditions often settle to little or no wind at all by the third day, and you should be out there to take advantage of the nice conditions. Some very productive days last winter occurred on the second and third day after fronts when there were slight winds. You should position yourself so as to be able to toss top water baits atop a mud bottom that’s mixed with shell and grass. If there aren’t any takers on top, try a slow-sinking plug that enables you to work various levels of the water column, something like a Corky, a Fat Boy, or even a Devil . These are all effective baits this month, and all are fun to experiment with.

As usual during winter, anglers need to be looking to the dark lure colors to pay good dividends within the reef areas of San Antonio Bay, as well as in some of the more secluded spots that can be found in any of the many back lake areas that are situated out on Matagorda Island. Here’s to hoping that everyone has a very Merry Christmas, and even a better Happy New Year! Be careful out there, and we’ll talk again next year!

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